Ronco Showtime BBQ Rotisserie Oven

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sly1960 Mar 29, 2013
great price, got to get one, thanks for posting!
LisaNtom08 Mar 29, 2013
wow i definitely need one of these especially for that price!
Dealprince Mar 29, 2013
good appliance. now it can take 2 chicken at the same time. that is cooking at its best
zoneric Jan 25, 2013
we never owned one of these. don't know how the food turns out. will try it though, since people say so many good things.
FibroMom Jan 25, 2013
We have one of these and my daughter and son-in-law are always commenting on how juicy the chickens we cook in it are - guess at this price I will break down and buy them one... look out next Christmas - here I come! ;)
kenih Jan 25, 2013
Great kitchen gadget. It makes excellant chicken and turkeys. Rub some olive oil on the chicken and toss on whatever spices you like and you will have a smile on your face when it's done cooking. I recently tried a spice packet for tandoori chicken...really good :)
ancagavs Jan 25, 2013
it's worth the money. delicious food comes from this little item :)
alecupope Jan 25, 2013
that's a huge price drop. I love rotisserie food.
natarajansaktive Jan 25, 2013
I need one. Really a very great deal. Thanks
MrBklynW Jan 25, 2013
now that is an awesome price. now i'm hungry=P
dvinegrace83 Jan 24, 2013
ooo..i think i'd get something like this if i had room for it in my little kitchen!
alecupope Jan 25, 2013
I know the feeling. we have a small kitchen too. I hate it sometimes.
dvinegrace83 Jan 26, 2013
altho i guess it could be worth it if you want this frequently without having to fire up your entire oven!
ilene285 Jan 24, 2013
Great discount on this. Seems like a great addition to anyones kitchen.
nimase85 Jan 24, 2013
I luv rotisserie chicken this is a good price for a Rotisserie Oven i will be sure to pass it on
DealLeader Jan 24, 2013
This looks great. And now I'm hungry!
Mawhen Jan 24, 2013
I have one of these and it is really awesome! Our favorite is pork chops done in the little basket that comes with it. This is definitely worth the money!
iowahawkeyes Jan 24, 2013
I remember watching those hour long infomercials when bored on Saturday, and they always tried to sell these things for like 6 payments of 19.95 lol
ArtemisDeals Jan 24, 2013
ooo I have been trying to make rotisserie in the crock pot but its just not the same! I might have to pick up this appliance for it.
ancagavs Jan 25, 2013
it surely isn't the same, I know what you mean. with one of these, you can cook it just perfect!
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blackfoot Jan 24, 2013
Good looking appliance, Rotisserie chicken is delicious.
Dexterous Jan 24, 2013
Its bbq time, nice find
abu5692 Jan 24, 2013
Nice deal. I like it.
shopange08 Jan 24, 2013
I actually purchased one of these new through a seller on Ebay for about $55 shipped. Definitely a great buy, even at $65.
poe601 Jan 24, 2013
Great price, I remember these use to go for well over $100.
krmills1 Jan 24, 2013
Nice price for the size and the added features to put extra food on top, you can make a whole meal with this unit.
Nellysg Jan 24, 2013
Wow this is great, I want one!
ancagavs Jan 25, 2013
I want one of these too. healthier food, healthier life :)