Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids 40-Piece Storage Set

1/25 - back again!

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What's the matter?
Acarone Jan 24, 2014
back again, thanks for updating!
crovstore Nov 27, 2013
I packing lunch every day, it is very usful for me!
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Seven57 Nov 25, 2013
I have this set - they work great for pantry storage (dry goods etc) but I do not recommend using them for tomato-based foods or for microwave use. Approximately half of my larger containers are very pitted and stained from family members using them in hte microwave, and in at least one case a lid is warped due to it being used in the lower rack of the dishwasher.

I do like the containers in the pantry, and the stacking lids are a nice feature. However for leftovers and microwave use, I'd opt for some Pyrex or other glass that will hold up much better.
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dddsss Nov 24, 2013
includes the following containers: 5 1/2-cup, 5 1/4-cup, 4 2-cup, 2 3-cup, 2 5-cup and 2 7-cup containers with matching lids. These containers are graduated in size, so they nest together for compact storage
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arsiel May 05, 2013
Nooo, I was going to get another set since I have $7 in points but it's at $19.79 now :(
FibroMom Mar 31, 2013
Even Better price! Think I will put some of these back for gifts at this great price! Thanks! :)
supermawmaw4 Mar 21, 2013
Great ideal for packing lunch
ukaran Mar 17, 2013
For a 40 piece storage set this price is nothing. Great find.
candzyangel Mar 17, 2013
Good price for 40-piece set storage.
ancagavs Mar 17, 2013
a lot of pieces for the price. nice find.
backspace Mar 16, 2013
This thing got even cheaper...Thanks.
Durr21 Mar 16, 2013
I just threw out all my old ones this is awesome thanks for sharing
blackfoot Mar 16, 2013
Good price for a 40 pc. set, seems like you can't have too many of these.
rd995 Mar 16, 2013
my local bjs has this for 20 so you getting a good price for 40 pc
newjerseychickxo Mar 16, 2013
These are so useful. Awesome price too. Thanks for posting.
arsiel Mar 16, 2013
Waited for this deal to come back, especially with my $3 Shop Your Way Rewards! Thanks.
YesBoss Mar 16, 2013
Nice Find, Looks Like This IS Very Good Price For 40 Piece Storage Set .
shopange08 Mar 16, 2013
Love Rubbermaid storage pieces! Great price for this set. Thanks for sharing
littlexu Mar 16, 2013
Very good price for this 40-Piece Storage Set, Rubbermaid does provide the quality. Thanks for sharing.
lotuslove19 Mar 16, 2013
I got these containers and am very happy to buy them it is really easy to store thing or carry them to office,no spills.
dddsss Mar 16, 2013
@lotuslove19 Are the tops, bottoms are made of #1,2,3,4,5 or? type plastic. thanks
lotuslove19 Mar 17, 2013
dddsssmthe plastic is of a great quality,and the containers are micro safe,plus the lids and the container together are 40 in number.
FibroMom Mar 16, 2013
Nicest price I have seen on this set! These are so handy and I love that they are nestable! Thanks for the great deal! :)
MrBklynW Dec 29, 2012
awesome price on this set. i wouln't know what to do with it all
abu5692 Dec 28, 2012
Very good deal. Thanks
Dexterous Dec 28, 2012
so many pieces for one good price, nice find
dvinegrace83 Dec 28, 2012
easy way to get organized! so much better than saran wrap, and baggies, and keeps food fresher longer
zoneric Dec 28, 2012
140 pieces for $13.49 seems like a great price. great find.
zoneric Dec 28, 2012
sorry, that's 40 pieces. typing error.
Peppee Dec 28, 2012
Lots of boxes.. Cool deal...
dealio23 Dec 28, 2012
I was lucky enough to get boxes of 28 pieces of these sets for $6.92 at Walmart around Black Friday.. This is a decent deal though
arsiel Dec 27, 2012
A ton of tupperware for a low price! I'm looking for a Pyrex deal but this is pretty appealing too
rockinnrolla Dec 27, 2012
SUPER price for a 40 piece set! Great find!
lotuslove19 Dec 27, 2012
That is a lot of containers. I can throw all my old ones and use these.
WideAnglePhoto Dec 27, 2012
I have some of these from a sale a couple of years ago, and they are my favorites! They are really durable and stain-resistant, and the easy-find lids live up to their name!
FibroMom Dec 27, 2012
Very nice way to use my Shop Your Way Max and get free shipping on this super deal! Thanks! :)