Sears 40% off Kenmore Wall Ovens

40% off wall ovens + and extra 15% off of purchases over $499 with your Sears card.
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What's the matter?
rockinnrolla Oct 20, 2012
WOW 40% off... I would like a new one! Checking it out! :)
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nthsll Oct 20, 2012
Yeah, but then you gotta use it. :-/
FibroMom Oct 19, 2012
GREAT deal form Sears! Now - find me a great deal on that dishwasher - and from the looks of things a new refrigerator! I am having appliances die left and right! :(
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nthsll Oct 20, 2012
Yeah I had that happen a few years ago. Washing machine, followed by the dishwasher, then the fridge. Problem was the fridge was only about 5 years old. >:-|
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FibroMom Oct 20, 2012
They don't make them like the used to! It costs more to fix the darn things than to buy new ones! :(
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