Set of 6 BPA-Free Double-Wall 16-Ounce Capacity Reusable To Go Travel Mugs

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16-Ounce Cold Tumbler
Iced-Coffee Cup Design
Set of 6 - Great for the Office or Family
Dishwasher Safe
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What's the matter?
xrjohn May 20, 2013
good price. always need something for drinks on the go these days.
Jazmine_ilene May 15, 2013
very nice price for this set. These could really come in handy. Thanks
sly1960 May 15, 2013
Nice item, could really use, thanks for the post!
sorinlandiana May 15, 2013
this is perfect for my daughter's birthday. the kids won't spill juice on them.
lotuslove19 May 14, 2013
great price for set of 6,I bought 2 for this price few moths back.
Durr21 May 13, 2013
I love these kind of cups so does everyone in my house nice deal
WideAnglePhoto May 13, 2013
That was my question too!!! But we are always needing them in different colors and at this price, we just can't go wrong! Awesome find!!
dvinegrace83 May 13, 2013
Omg so cheap now!!! Question is... Do I need more? For that price I'm thinking probably YES! Hehe
twilightlover May 13, 2013
Great price for these cup! Thanks for posting!
shaezi May 13, 2013
Folks I ordered this the last time this set was available for $12, and the quality on these is really terrible. From the reviews it looked like a gamble because some people mentioned the same condition in which I received these cups and mine were fulfilled by Amazon. Sending them back so just thought I'd share my experience.
shopange08 May 11, 2013
Really good price on these. Picking these up and sharing! Thanks
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Nvaldera May 11, 2013
Wow Awesome deal on these cups! great for when your on the go!!
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erick99 May 11, 2013
Only two bucks each! Great price and a truly great deal. We use these kinds of cups around the house for the simple reason that when they are knocked over you only get a few drops of spillage versus the contents of the cup.
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rd995 May 11, 2013
good price for 6 we have one and we paid about 5 for it my son uses it every day
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glwrks May 11, 2013
$2 price drop! Now $9.95:)
Nellysg May 01, 2013
Very low price... One for each member of the family!
glwrks Apr 29, 2013
Hurray! Back in stock:)
tpark6283 Apr 23, 2013
Perfect to have for our friends when we sit by the pool this summer! Nice find!
poe601 Apr 23, 2013
Great deal for 6 cups, awesome colors too.
ancagavs Apr 23, 2013
great price for this 6 piece travel mugs. practical!
dvinegrace83 Apr 22, 2013
These are so much more durable and better for the environment than disposable! we use these all the time especially during the summer to keep hydrated they are awesome!
nimase85 Apr 22, 2013
This is a great price for so many of these cups I luv these kind of cups too... Thanks for sharing I will be sure to pass this deal on...
LokaFreeThings2 Apr 22, 2013
I'm always taking my drinks to-go so these are great!
ancagavs Apr 23, 2013
@LokaFreeThings2 yeah, me too. so these are perfect.
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Christine Apr 22, 2013
these well come in handy, esp in the summer =) definitely gonna take them everywhere in the car!
Dexterous Apr 22, 2013
Good prices on six pcs, thanks for sharing
FibroMom Apr 22, 2013
Awesome for car trips, kids, or going to the beach with! Super price for the set of 6! Thanks. :)
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bbattag Apr 22, 2013
These are nice to have. Usually $3-5 each, so this is a good deal
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YesBoss Apr 22, 2013
Good Price For 6 Pack 16-Ounce Capacity Reusable To Go Travel Mugs. Kids Will Love These .
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solowkoe Apr 22, 2013
good deal. I could use these for my protein shake. thanks.
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deal Apr 22, 2013
I have also been looking for these. Fantastic price drop. Gonig to pick this up. :)
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glwrks Apr 21, 2013
$5.54 price drop! I was looking for these in stores recently...needed it then & there, and paid about $4 for only one!
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EzzyLovesToSave Apr 22, 2013
@glwrks FREAT price!...I've never seen these priced SO low before:)
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