Stainless Steel Flower Shaped Egg/Pancake Shapers

Set of 4 (Take the boring out of breakfast!)
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What's the matter?
hourglass Jun 04, 2013
So cute!
EzzyLovesToSave Jun 04, 2013
What a super surprise to give someone breakfast-in-bed with these egg/pancake flowers!
THartz606 Jun 04, 2013
Cool item, but I don't think I'd be paying that much just to shape my eggs.
mdgirl Jun 04, 2013
@THartz606 no way I am paying that much, I think a big cookie cutter can work just as good.
At0micAmbER Jun 04, 2013
this would make breakfast fun!
Jazmine_ilene Jun 04, 2013
This is just way too cute. I would get this just to have lol
lotuslove19 Jun 04, 2013
very cute,nice way to make children eat eggs,it would be fun for them.
YesBoss Jun 04, 2013
Good Price For Set Of 4 Flower Shaped Egg/Pancake Shapers .
Dexterous Jun 04, 2013
Floral egg design, looks nice
nthsll Jun 04, 2013
This is kinda cool. My wife loves daisies and eggs. Daisy shaped eggs should be a fun breakfast for her.
poe601 Jun 04, 2013
So cute the kids will love this one.
zoneric Jun 04, 2013
cool. I never made eggs other than the usual way...
ancagavs Jun 04, 2013
this can make breakfast a lot more fun for the kids.
nimase85 Jun 03, 2013
This is super cute and a neat thing I am sure children would luv it... Thanks for sharing this great deal I will be sure to pass it on...
hija_ellen Jun 03, 2013
makes 'sunny side up' eggs perfect and presentable, by using this, kids will be entice to eat fried eggs.
JLRShar Jun 03, 2013
omg- how fun are these? does anyone know if the eggs stick to the sides of the mold?
dvinegrace83 Jun 03, 2013
very cutesy! son and husband eat eggs everyday. i wonder if they'd appreciate them even more as a flower shape haha
blackfoot Jun 03, 2013
Cute kitchen tool for decorating your breakfast.
LokaFreeThings2 Jun 03, 2013
Awe these are so cute! I may have to get some to try to get my niece to eat eggs! Fun invention:)
ancagavs Jun 04, 2013
@LokaFreeThings2 it sure is. I like it too :)
zoneric Jun 04, 2013
@LokaFreeThings2 if she doesn't like eggas, I don't think a flower shape will help. but if you succeed, please let me know. I have a niece too that does not eat eggs. and we've tried it.
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LokaFreeThings2 Jun 04, 2013
@zoneric you may be right. I was thinking since she likes to help me cook maybe I could let her make the shape if she promised to try the eggs. Maybe try to cook different ways too. I always say, it's fine if she doesn't like something just as long as she tries it first:)