Wisteria 5-piece Dinnerware Place Setting by Lenox

Crafted of Lenox fine porcelain accented with precious platinum
Dishwasher safe
Includes dinner plate, salad plate, butter plate, cup & saucer
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WideAnglePhoto Apr 11, 2013
Such a beautiful pattern on these dishes!!!! Great price drop too! Thanks for a great find!
LindaKNor Apr 11, 2013
@WideAnglePhoto I like the pattern, too.
mehak0404 Apr 10, 2013
How may dinner plates does it include 4 or 6?
LindaKNor Apr 10, 2013
@mehak0404 It is a set that includes 1 each of dinner plate, salad plate, butter plate, cup & saucer
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rockinnrolla Apr 10, 2013
WOW what a pretty dish set! I LOVE the $0.99 shipping. Thanks for sharing. :)
LindaKNor Apr 10, 2013
@rockinnrolla I couldn't resist posting this with such a great deal on the shipping and, of course, the nice deal price... : )
zoneric Apr 10, 2013
such a lovely set. great as a gift.
ukaran Apr 10, 2013
Thanks for sharing this particular deal because this is my long pending wish to buy Dinnerware set.
MrBklynW Apr 10, 2013
i like a design on this set. thanks!
blackfoot Apr 09, 2013
Pretty set, one you would probably only use for special dinners.
Dexterous Apr 09, 2013
nice sets , good for the price
backspace Apr 09, 2013
Looks beautiful and elegant at a great price
newguy Apr 09, 2013
I like this set a lot. Thinking to buy 6 sets of this but I think it's a lot of money.
seanvcxz Apr 09, 2013
Wedding season is just around the corner and you could impress everyone with this set!
xrjohn Apr 09, 2013
Awesome deal on the good looking dinnerware set. Nice find.
Durr21 Apr 09, 2013
this is pretty cool nice price for this set awesome
glwrks Apr 09, 2013
What a deal! Can you imagine if this was the pattern for a couple's bridal registry? Pretty much be assured of receiving a complete set if word were to get around of this sale!:)
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LindaKNor Apr 10, 2013
@glwrks That would be great. So many times the couple doesn't get their patterns or many sets of them as gifts because of the price.
themoneyman1113 Apr 09, 2013
My sister uses only Lenox, I never understood why until today IF she finds great deals on it like this then it is a keeper forever, the question is did she get a great deal or pay full price? LOL!
zoneric Apr 10, 2013
@themoneyman1113 maybe she is just a huge fan of the brand. if that's the case, doesn't matter how much she paid.
themoneyman1113 Apr 10, 2013
She is my little sister of course I care how much she paid, I always want everyone to get the bet deal possible, especially family :--)
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 09, 2013
Elegant!...gues I'll have to keep my elbows off the table:)
zoneric Apr 10, 2013
@EzzyLovesToSave yeah, well, I never could do that :D
YesBoss Apr 09, 2013
Nice Find, Very Good Price For Wisteria 5-piece Dinnerware Place Setting by Lenox.