FreedomPop Free Wireless Internet Hotspots and USB Stick Modems (Refurbished)

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$19.99 for a Freedom Stick Bolt 4G USB modem (PXU1960) ($49.99 list price)
$34.99 for a FreedomPop Overdrive Pro mobile hotspot (SRA-SPOT-SP-01R) ($59.99 list price)
$49.99 for a Freedom Sleeve Rocket 4G mobile hotspot for iPod touch (IMW-C870W) ($99.99 list price)
$49.99 for a Freedom Spot Photon hotspot (IMW-C910W) ($99.99 list price)

All options include 2GB of free data for the first month, and 500MB of free data for each following month. For any extra data used, you will be charged on a pay as you go basis. An optional automatic top-up feature will fund your credit account $10 the first time you get within 100MB of the monthly capacity limit. This feature is enabled by default, but can be turned off at any time.
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