Apple MacBook Air 11.6" Laptop (C2D 1.4GHz, 2GB, 64GB) Refurbished

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Hisgelt Mar 11, 2012
11" for a laptop is kinda small- unless your using it only for traveling which needs to be small and light weight, I recommend you wait for a bigger size- a college of mine got a 13" and he complained how it was too small. I've got a 15" and I think that's a perfect size- not too small not too big.
ucrual Mar 06, 2012
2GB of RAM is a serious limitation, but for me the 64GB HDD is a problem. With 10 movies, 1-2 games, and some photo albums, the HDD is full
outz Mar 05, 2012
remember this is only 2GB of ram - and the air's ram isn't upgradable at all.
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nickyno2046 Mar 05, 2012
this is a great deal, can't you see it's only $74.99 for 1 year warranty? much better than spending another $200 at apple store, I bought a refurbished Macbook 3 years ago and it's still running strong, can not complain
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htuong Mar 05, 2012
I think this is refurbished by third parties, not by Apple as far as I understand from their statement :
"Refurbished Items
Refurbished items are processed by one or more third-parties to test and restore their condition. The goal is to restore the product to a standard as close to its original condition as possible."

So, for me, $125 more for 1 full year warranty and being directly refurbished by Apple is worth.
hourglass Mar 05, 2012
Mac's are the best. I was a PC user for many years. Converted to a Mac user last year and have never looked back since. There's no comparison. Mac's are far more advanced and secure.
Norbs Mar 05, 2012
Love how someone who doesn't like macs came in here just to thumbs down positive comments about this product. Trolls will be trolls... probably just mad while he's fixing someones PC.
seanvcxz Mar 05, 2012
I'm still a little weary about refurbed items. Specially paying that much. I think I would rather just pay a little more and get the real deal.
htuong Mar 05, 2012
No warranty !
For additional $200, you can get newer version, faster processor and a full year of warranty from Apple store ( although it's refurbished too). The price is nice for people with limited budget though.
Norbs Mar 05, 2012
You sure about that? I could not find anything about the warranty on this site but when I bought a refurb from Apple directly they had a 1yr warranty on it.
ahsegal Mar 05, 2012
Remember that this is refurbished.

Good price, though.
ucrual Mar 05, 2012
The only limitation is the disk space, it has a 64 GB SSD drive, almost unusable. I wonder I they have some configurations with 128/256 DB SSD
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Norbs Mar 05, 2012
I actually don't mind the ssd as much as the 2GB memory. The ssd's are upgradable but the memory is soldered onto the motherboard of the laptop.
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aburns1988 Mar 05, 2012
except this is the older model c2d instead of i5.
arsiel Mar 05, 2012
I'll never understand why MacBooks are so expensive in comparison to PCs... considering the specs :/
bvkakalot Mar 05, 2012
Try it and you will figure it out... Trust me
Norbs Mar 05, 2012
Quality... Buy a PC you get a computer made of plastic, filled with trial software and crapware, you basically have to format the thing to clean it up.

Buy a Mac you get a fresh install of the OS that include apps that are actually useful.

I ran a "hackintosh" for a while (Mac OS X on PC hardware) and finally took the dive for a macbook air and I love it. They put a lot of thought into their products.
ucrual Mar 06, 2012
nice concept your hackintosh. I will give it a try, and maybe I'll convert myself to Mac :)
rtanner Mar 05, 2012
Yeah if you have no problem buying refurbished great way to save some money
krmills1 Mar 05, 2012
Great price for an apple laptop! These are about $1100 brand new and there is nothing wrong with buying a refurbished unit!
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