Asus X55C-SI30202M 15.6" Laptop - Intel® Coreâ„¢ i3 | 4GB | 500GB | Windows 8

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Dexterous Feb 21, 2013
nice specs for this laptop, good for the price
allanrc689 Feb 21, 2013
free shipping - but NOT AVAILABLE for shipping
2nd generation i3 and no HDMI
deal is so-so
natarajansaktive Feb 21, 2013
Along with this Laptop they give 7 special very good offers. Nice find.
Peppee Feb 21, 2013
very good quality price for this Laptop.. Good price with free shipping. good find
additc Feb 21, 2013
I always love these low end laptops, they're like the high end laptops of yesteryear
tanush6 Feb 21, 2013
Asus is a nice laptop. It has proved to be a nice brand these days.
tanush6 Feb 21, 2013
Ah...nice configuration, but the one thing that is stopping me is non availability of the HDMI.
akaricke Feb 21, 2013
This is a nice price for the specs.
allanrc689 Feb 16, 2013
this is a replacement for a sell-out of the Toshiba with similar specs; the ASUS has a 2nd Generation i3 processor, not the 3rd Generation in the Toshiba offered - this should be cheaper - not same price.
seanvcxz Feb 16, 2013
The computer I'm on right now has the same specs. If you are just using it to surf the web and do basic computer tasks this is more than enough.
MrBklynW Feb 15, 2013
great price on this laptop. nice find
Dexterous Feb 15, 2013
another price drop for this laptop? nice
arsiel Feb 15, 2013
Reviews seem to be so-so. I expect more from an Asus. Great price though!
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aoobuu Feb 15, 2013
Great find. Thanks for taking time to share this deal.
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Durr21 Feb 15, 2013
Nice price thanks for the post
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hpjack433 Feb 15, 2013
no hdmi
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rd995 Feb 15, 2013
its a good price for a decent laptop thanks for sharing
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klinmaximus Feb 15, 2013
Very good price !
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derwood Feb 11, 2013
Nice price.
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iowahawkeyes Feb 10, 2013
You can't go wrong with an Asus. Affordable, yet quality items.
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blackfoot Feb 10, 2013
Nice laptop deal, Asus is an economical brand.
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mikhaila Feb 10, 2013
I've never used this brand but its a good price
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Dexterous Feb 10, 2013
great price for laptop, nice find
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hemalaa Feb 10, 2013
Good price for the Asus laptop. They have been releasing good products in the recent times.
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Subha83 Feb 10, 2013
Nice laptop under $400.Thanks for sharing.
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branie Feb 10, 2013
Nice one, price is very attractive! Thanks for sharing.
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dhirajg Feb 10, 2013
Nice Find...:)
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