HP Pavilion dv6-7135nr 15.6" Notebook - Intel Core i7 | 6GB | 750GB | Windows 7

  • 15.6-inch display
  • Intel i7-3610QM Ivy Bridge Quad processor
  • 6GB DDR3 Memory
  • 750GB Hard Drive
  • DVD Burner
  • Bluetooth
  • Webcam
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What's the matter?
stthomas Mar 12, 2013
Specs are good. But i bought a Toshiba with similar specs for 545 from staples last week. The HP laptop I had feels like made from cheap plastic. The base enclosure cracked near the left hinge. In 2 years and 4 months now the laptop has a "broken neck" and I HAD to look for a new laptop!
So this time I skip all HPs!
But then it may depend from person to person and experience-to-experience.
allenly1 Mar 14, 2013
@stthomas My wife bought the toshiba that was on sale for $545. It's not a bad machine. It was pretty fast and nice specs. I think it actually had 8GB of ram, compared to this one with only 6. The one thing I hated about it is that the function keys (f1-f12) were inverted, so instead of you hitting F4 to close a window, you would need to hold down FN, then hit F4. For most it's not a big deal, but I'm 90% keyboard and it's just something that would drive me nuts.
stthomas Mar 16, 2013
@allenly1 Yes it is the same one.
Regarding Function keys, its a setting either in BIOS or System setting (for Toshiba) to change between the standard and special function mode.
Once in standard mode, it reverses. Function keys are for F1-F12 by default and hold down FN key for the special usage.
ukaran Mar 12, 2013
Good Price for this Note Book having all features. Great find.
MrBklynW Mar 12, 2013
wow very nice price for this model
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blackfoot Mar 11, 2013
Nice laptop deals with good specs.
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aznballa161 Aug 20, 2012
It is a good price for an i7. I wish this was an instore deal so that I could trade in my laptop for an extra $200 off. I don't know if i should purchase it or wait until after Black friday and see if the prices lower even more
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seanvcxz Aug 20, 2012
I have an i3 and it's as fast as I can want. I can't imagine an i7 it must fly!
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Dexterous Aug 20, 2012
now this has good specs, good laptop. But lately I have heard they stopped manufacturing the HP stuffs, but still I can see new laptops. Am I on wrong page?
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