Top 5 Laptop Deals of the Week!

Top 5 Laptop Deals of the Week!
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NewestDownload Jul 06, 2013
i want to Vaio but nothing here.. but thanks for providing this laptop deals..
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Mawhen Jun 01, 2013
Thanks for the round up. Looks like some good deals!
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MrBklynW May 24, 2013
that touchscreen from rakuten seems to be still a good buy. thanks for the round up
Dexterous May 23, 2013
some additional laptop deals, thanks but waiting for samsung series laptop
mnvikings11 May 23, 2013
I can get the Asus for $350 new, so why would I pay that for a refurb?
pobgme May 23, 2013
thanks for putting laptop deals altogether, making it easy to browse and choose the best we think
erick99 May 23, 2013
The Acer might be the best bang for the buck as I switched to those from Dell two years ago and love them (we have four now) but the Lenovo is going to be very rugged and well-built. A nice selection, they all are good deals.
hija_ellen May 23, 2013
thanks for putting laptop deals altogether, making it easy to browse and choose the best we think
MrBklynW May 18, 2013
nice, starting to see some good price drops on vivo's. thanks for the post
deby32953 May 17, 2013
Love this post. Perfect for someone who knows nothing about computers except how to wear off the letters on the keys!
LindaKNor May 17, 2013
Thanks for the laptop deal lineup. Nice to have it in one place.
aznballa161 May 17, 2013
nice to see asus making the list multiple times
EzzyLovesToSave May 17, 2013
Love the Asus Touchscreen!...gotta drop a hint to the hubby:)
mnvikings11 May 17, 2013
The Asus touch-screen's are a hot item. My wife love's her's a lot.
shimisi May 09, 2013
Thanks for updating this. Am eyeing the first two Dells on this list...
newguy May 08, 2013
Nice round up for laptop deals :) narrow down for your choices.. make it easier to make decision which one the best laptop for you and for your pocket.
mdgirl May 03, 2013
Thank u for the round up.
naturaldeal May 03, 2013
These are some really nice laptops
MrBklynW May 03, 2013
pretty crazy specs on qosmio. thanks for another nice round up
deby32953 May 02, 2013
I'll probably be shopping for another new one by the end of the year! Great information.
DealLeader May 02, 2013
Nice set of notebooks. Thanks for sharing.
tpark6283 May 02, 2013
Wow, the asus looks like a really good deal! Thanks for putting this together
dealsnappa May 03, 2013
@tpark6283 which one? there are 3 here.
tpark6283 May 03, 2013
@DEALSNAPPA the first one...
Dexterous May 02, 2013
1.) Asus 17.3" Laptop - Intel® Core™ i7 | 8GB RAM | 1TB HDD for $749.99
mnvikings11 May 02, 2013
For $1170 on the Toshiba & no Blu-ray is just not right for only a $40 add on.
rockinnrolla Apr 24, 2013
We might be getting a laptop soon... Thanks for sharing these smoking deals! :D
mnvikings11 Apr 24, 2013
I found a great touch screen laptop for a very nice price.
Dexterous Apr 23, 2013
2.) IdeaPad U410 Laptop (Intel Core i7-3537U, 8GB, 1TB 5400 RPM) for $679 with code USPU470418 is probably best this time
RealPage16 Apr 23, 2013
Great deals love laptops and these savings help alot
arsiel Apr 23, 2013
It's nice to see a lot of ASUS laptops at a great price. #1 is quite a steal this week.
YesBoss Apr 23, 2013
This Time Looks Like Asus K55A Laptop Is Good Price ,
LokaFreeThings2 Apr 23, 2013
These look so nice! Great deals!
blackfoot Apr 12, 2013
Nice round-up, some pretty good laptop deals.
mnvikings11 Apr 12, 2013
I bought a new Asus touch screen for $300 after taxes & I love it.
YesBoss Apr 12, 2013
Both Lenovo Ultra Thin Laptops Are Good Prices .
littlexu Apr 05, 2013
Great laptop deals round up. Thanks for putting it together and sharing with us.
MrBklynW Apr 05, 2013
great deals, thanks for another awesome round up!
Dexterous Apr 04, 2013
i already saw these laptops, none reached my demand
Dexterous Mar 30, 2013
This time none of them looks impressive laptop deal. Lets see if there will be great deal on laptop
shimisi Mar 29, 2013
Nice options. Can't help but feel like Dells can be high maintenance, for some reason.
backspace Mar 28, 2013
Nice selections but laptops deals come and go..need to keep looking
arsiel Mar 19, 2013
Was considering #3 but the reviews really aren't too good on amazon, newegg, and sears itself. Going to wait for something more appealing :x
branie Mar 15, 2013
Thanks I am actively looking for a laptop and really want to get a good deal on it as I can't afford it in the first place, lol..But do know this laptop is on its way out.
ukaran Mar 15, 2013
Exceptionally awesome deal for Laptops. Nice find.
mnvikings11 Mar 14, 2013
The HP from Officemax is sold out, good luck trying to find it.
Dexterous Mar 14, 2013
hp dell.....lets find some vaio or lenovo. I am in need of one
deby32953 Mar 14, 2013
Wish I'd looked at a roundup like this before I bought my new laptop wish has given me nothing but trouble. Blocked me out of DP for 4 hours last night.
ukaran Mar 06, 2013
Good round up. I like Toshiba Laptop deal. Great deal.
deby32953 Mar 14, 2013
@ukaran NO! That's the laptop brand I bought that's giving me all the trouble! Filled with bugs!
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klinmaximus Mar 06, 2013
I like 4th option of laptop deals. Thanks !
MrBklynW Mar 05, 2013
pretty good deals. thank you for sharing!
Dexterous Mar 05, 2013
some good sale in laptop, nice find