Vibe Juicys Comfort Earbud Stereo Headphones w/3.5 mm Jack

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What's the matter?
zacharyzblewski Mar 15, 2012
They sound like crap but they're not bad to keep around as a backup.
globaldj Mar 14, 2012
fyi, i purchased these before and they sound terrible, worse than apples standard earbuds :(
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helloamy1977 Mar 14, 2012
Im not sure about these but a few weeks back I ordered the Wicked Audio Jawbreakers Noise Isolating Earbud Headphones with In-Line Microphone (Choice of 5 Colors) for $5.99 + Free shipping and wow they are pretty amazing. I wish I could get some more for that price
psplove Mar 13, 2012
Thank You, Thank You every one of you guys..
Florida2Texas Mar 13, 2012
wow, they might as well give them for FREE!! Too bad this style of headphones don't really fit my ears or this would have been an awesome deal for me given the fact how many headphones I loose in a year!
gangstabarbie Mar 13, 2012
Im not sure if I should be frugal and get these or shell out an extra few more bucks to get better ones ...
steward Mar 13, 2012
Incredible price, feel doubt of it's quality!
Killer_whale Mar 14, 2012
Cheap Chinese product, go figure!
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iowahawkeyes Mar 13, 2012
Too bad cheap headphones always suck.... they might look cool, but I don't advise to purchase.
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stanstan30 Mar 13, 2012
Dumb that they charge 2.99 for every extra pair too. No way 3 pair would cost $9 to ship. Not in.
Hisgelt Mar 13, 2012
$3 total pretty good deal but i think i beat it when I got mine from Rite Aid for FREE.
stoopid2001 Mar 13, 2012
I bought some of these on a sale a few months back. They look great but sound horrible. I threw out 4 pairs of them because they were so bad.
Killer_whale Mar 13, 2012
Exactly, these became pieces of trash in my ears. Some people around here do not know anything, just kind of yes yes man! Everything is "nice" to them, dumb dumb!
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blackfoot Mar 13, 2012
Colors and price are very appealing, Nice find.
branie Mar 13, 2012
Can't beat the price and I love being able to pick from all of those vibrant colors. Thanks!
sweetangelxxo Mar 12, 2012
Great price!! Love the colors
psplove Mar 13, 2012
Thank You.