Cheap College Textbooks, Rental Deals & Coupon Codes 2016

Cheap College Textbooks, Rental Deals & Coupon Codes 2016
We are just barely starting up Winter quarter and Spring semester but here are some great coupon codes, sale and tips to help you cut college textbook fees! Rent or buy cheap textbooks and save up to 90% on new & used textbook purchases and rentals online. Save with today's best coupon codes and discounts for extra savings.

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5 Important Tips When Purchasing Cheap Textbooks:
  1. Purchase an international edition of your textbook. They typically have the same content as the US editions with a different book cover and the chapters may be in a different order. More often than not, you will pay only a few cents on the dollar for one of these books.

  2. Get the digital version of your textbook. Digital textbooks are cheaper than printed versions, they can be accessed anywhere (including offline versions), and are easier to carry with you (tablet or laptop) than several heavy textbooks.

  3. Take pictures of your textbook when you rent it. This way you don't take the heat for any markings or damage to the book. This tip may only apply when renting from a store because it's difficult to prove the condition your book was in when you received an online book.

  4. Sell your books in the classroom next semester. Show up to the same class on the first day next semester and announce that you have a book for sale. You'll definitely earn more than the bookstore will give you.

  5. Take advantage of price comparison sites. Popular textbook price comparison sites like will save you time and money once the college textbook hunt begins!

Abe Books (more coupons):

Alibris (more coupons):
  • $4 off $55 w/ code: 4OFF (Valid through 4/15)
  • $2 Off $20+ w/ code: STREET (Valid through 4/11)
  • $5 Off $40+ w/ code: CAR (Valid through 4/11)
  • $12 Off $80 w/ code: DESIRE (Valid through 4/11)
  • Free shipping on 49+

Amazon (more coupons):

Barnes and Noble (more coupons):
  • Save up to 90% off on new & used textbooks, textbook rentals, and digital books
  • Free 2-month Barnes & Noble membership - Get free express shipping on every order, in-store discounts & more
  • 15% Off $50+ Coupon Code: BNBOOK15 (valid through 4/13)
  • Free eBooks for Nook
  • Spend $25, Get Free Shipping

Book Renter (more coupons):
  • Save up to 90% + free shipping & returns
  • 5% off book rentals w/ code: 5OFFWIN16BKR (valid through 3/1)
  • Save an extra 5% when you rent 3 books w/ code: 5OFF3CWIN16 (vaild through 2/28)

Campus Book Rentals (more coupons):
  • Save up to 80% on textbook rentals
  • 10% off your order w/ code: THANKS10
  • 7% off sitewide w/ code: Happy2016
  • 5% off SpringTerm textbooks rentals w/ code: SpringTerm2016
  • Invite friends & get $5 for every friend you refer, plus they get 10% off their next purchase
  • Free shipping both ways

Cengage Brain (more coupons):
  • Free $6 off $60 coupon with email sign-up
  • Free shipping on orders over $25 + free ebook while your text ships
  • Enjoy free 14 day eBook acess while your book ships
  • Save up to 65% off textbooks

Chegg (more coupons):
  • Up to 90% off cheap textbooks & textbook rentals
  • Free shipping on textbooks orders w/ code: WOWCHEGGTHX (vaild through 6/30)
  • Read books online free for 7 days while your book ships

eCampus (more coupons):
  • $3 off $60 with code: ECAMPUS3 through 02/29
  • $5 off $100 with code: ECAMPUS5 through 02/29
  • $10 off $150 with code: 10OFF150 through 02/29
  • Save 5% off sitewide with code: NEXTORDER through 2/29
  • $5 off orders $75 or more with code: TRYRENTALS through 2/29 (more coupons):
  • $10 Off $75+ textbook rental or purchase with code APRIL10 through 4/30/2016
  • Buy & sell new and used textbooks at (an site)
  • Up to 80% off texbook discounts (buy or rent)

Staples (more coupons): (more coupons):
  • Up to 90% off textbook rentals
  • Free shipping on your order of $25 or more
  • 50% cash back on all buyback books
  • No-hassle 30-day returns

Valore Books (more coupons):
  • Save up to 90% textbooks (buy or rent)
  • $10 voucher when you join ValoreVIP
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Low price guarantee

Vitalsource (more coupons):
  • Up to 60% off eTextbooks and digital course materials
  • Save more with digital discounted textbooks over cheap textbooks

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New deals for January, 2016!
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Great offer! Saved $10 on textbooks for my business management class! Way better than buying it at the campus bookstore.
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Great deals to be had. I will never buy textbooks new again!
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Shopping for textbooks this semester is going to be soo easy. Great way to save money!
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New offers added 8/19/2014
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hope these deals are still around when my semester starts. thanks!
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Ebooks are the way to go! hate carrying heavy books
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Awesome roundup. Thank you for putting this all together.
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Textbooks cost way more than they really should. Great roundup here!
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Cool deal 4 school !
erick99 Aug 27, 2012
Used books are a great way to go but I have been encouraging my students to rent books that they don't want to add to their collection. A typical Gen Psych book is about $170 new, around $80 to $100 used, and about $30 to rent. I am currently in a doctoral program and for my current course I needed two family therapy books that would have totaled nearly $400. I was able to rent both for a total of $79.
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Thank Goodness I don't need this anymore, but passing it on to those that will!
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Okay... I guess it's time to pull out the credit card and buy books now ._. I've been putting it off until the last minute.
I hope people see this. FYI, use to find the best prices on the list of textbooks you need for the upcoming semester. Just search for your books and it puts them into your "backpack" and it'll search a lot of sites for the best prices you can get. I've used it for a couple of years now and it's my best friend when it comes to buying textbooks :)
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This site has real cheap price for books, thanks
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