Dr. Seuss 5 Books + a Backpack Only $5.95 + FREE Shipping!

About this Deal

Dr. Seuss Backpack AND 5 books for only $5.95 + FREE shipping!
You just need to sign up for the Dr. Seuss Book club (please note – this is NOT the normal “book club” where you are committed to purchasing more books – you will just need to cancel after you get your shipment as stated below).
You just need to place your order for 5 of the books + a FREE backpack + FREE shipping!
You can also choose to order two more books for another $4.99 so, 7 books plus the backpack for just $10.95 shipped OR you can “Uncheck” the box (as seen below) to not add the 2 other books making your total $5.95 for 5 book and a backpack shipped.


Once you get your items in the mail, you can then go into your account online and cancel the club membership, you won’t receive any more shipments and are not required to purchase or pay anything else.
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