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This title will be released on October 24, 2011.

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What's the matter?
tc1uscg Oct 08, 2011
Talk about timing. Geez.
Crazymomof4 Oct 07, 2011
Farewell Steve. Your products were worth the wait!!
Norbs Oct 07, 2011
Is this the official biography?
prabu_k_p Oct 07, 2011
yes, it is approved by Steve Jobs and written/composed by Walter Isaacson
schulzteej Oct 07, 2011
So this is a preorder? Is this book even written yet or are they going to put something together now that he died and release it in a matter of weeks?
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prabu_k_p Oct 07, 2011
yes, it is being written when Steve was alive...and was scheduled to release in Nov, but after Steve's death the publishers pre-poned the release.
tc1uscg Oct 07, 2011
No disrespect to Mr Jobs or his family but why is there a picture of this guy popping up every few hours on these kind of sites? If only Apple would release it's products as fast, there wouldn't be so many anti apple people. Anyway, fair winds and following seas Mr. Jobs.
Norbs Oct 07, 2011
Is it really Apples faults that they put a lot of work and thought into their products?

People don't have to sit there and anticipate it, they could just let it be... it's not apple creating all the hype it's news sites.
tc1uscg Oct 08, 2011
Hey norbs, the ONLY thing apple puts a lot of thought into is how market their products and figuring out ways to stop us from using music and devices the way we really want to. WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS and for longer then a YEAR before they all but abandon it's user. I still have a 1st gen touch. Can't find hardley any apps for it anymore because APPLE has FORCED it's developers to write only for OS 4.0 and above. Pretty much telling ME (us) to upgrade to a new product when developers could still write code to make said app work on older touches. Nuff Said.
pilipala Oct 07, 2011
wetiaq Oct 06, 2011
oh, it is not the lowest.