The Complete Book of Abs for Women: The Definitive Guide for Women Who Want to Get into the Ultimate Shape [Paperback]

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Inside you’ll discover:

• Ab basics: the key concepts, techniques, and principles of abdominal training that are essential for achieving the best results
• A sustainable nine-week ab regimen—divided into three fitness levels—to strengthen and tone your abs, lower back, and deep-core muscles
• Strategies for enhancing both body and mind, from self-image and nutrition to relaxation and performance
• A complete wellness program that includes stretching, cardio workouts, and weight training
• Workouts tailored for busy working women and for exercising with a partner, plus age-specific routines for girls, teenagers, and women over fifty
• A special section on safe exercises for pregnant women—and a program for mothers who wish to get back into swimsuit shape after pregnancy
• routines for every lifestyle: from Pilates- and yoga-based workouts to gym super-sets—even an easy ab office workout that can be done at your desk
• exercises that target specific areas: lower abs, upper abs, and obliques
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