Sony, iPod Clock Radio - Black, ICFC05IP BLK REF [REFURBISHED]

Sony, iPod Clock Radio - Black, ICFC05IP BLK REF [REFURBISHED]
$23.99 $79.99

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The Sony ICF-C05iP iPod Dock/Clock (Black) is a compact and affordable way to wake up to your iPod or iPhone. With a small footprint and an easy to read display that features brightness settings the dock fits in just about any space and keeps you apprised of the time even from across the room. When you're feeling a need to change up your listening experience tune into the FM radio instead. And in addition to waking up to your player, the ICF-C05iP also wakes you up to the buzzer or radio, and also allows you to fall asleep to both the radio or your player.

Pick Your Player
The ICF-C05iP is 3G certified, compatible with iPod and iPhone
Options for Falling Asleep and Waking Up
Fall asleep and wake up to your iPod, iPhone, the radio or a buzzer
Charge While You Listen
Your iPod or iPhone will charge while docked to help you avoid a drained battery
Enjoy the Variety of FM Radio Programming
A built-in digital FM tuner lets you choose from a wide variety of radio, talk and music programming
Not Too Faint, Not Too Bright - Just Right
The high, medium, and low brightness settings ensure you can easily read the display during the day or night, without being distracted while trying to fall asleep
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