USB Toaster Hub and Thumbdrives

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What's the matter?
xrjohn Jun 02, 2013
this is very clever. very neat. great price.
erick99 May 31, 2013
Very clever, unique! This has to be the most interesting USB hub I have seen.
Durr21 May 31, 2013
Lol this is really cool nice deal awesome price too
shopange08 May 31, 2013
Awww this is adorable! Thanks for sharing
deal May 31, 2013
Haha. That is simply adorable. Gotta love ThinkGeek and there great little gift ideas. Going to pick this up as a geeky gift. hehehe. Thank you for sharing Nellysg.
poojam May 31, 2013
Its really cute.would make a perfect gift.
At0micAmbER May 31, 2013
haha this is cute.
THartz606 May 31, 2013
Before I read the title and saw the picture I was thinking it was a kids play toaster lol. But this is even better. I've never seen a thumbdrive or hub like this before. Thanks for the post.
rockinnrolla May 31, 2013
These would make for a fun gift. Nice find. :)
ancagavs May 31, 2013
looks very nice. I have never seen one like this before.
lotuslove19 May 30, 2013
This is very unique looking thumbdrive,never seen such before.
RealPage16 May 30, 2013
This is really cool thumbdrive for a really good price
DealLeader May 30, 2013
Now, this is something only a geek could love!
backspace May 30, 2013
Very creative and great looking hub
bbattag May 30, 2013
lol now this is hilarious. Would make a good geek gift
Jlowry May 30, 2013
this is very unique... Ive never seen this before
boricua1 Feb 06, 2013
wow now this is very different..nice find