WD Elements 1TB Portable Hard Drive & Total Defense Premium Internet Security Bundle at TigerDirect.com

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What's the matter?
chuckydealpl Jun 04, 2013
good deal if you can deal with the rebate hassle.

This rebate is in USD currency and may be paid with a prepaid reward card.
naturaldeal Apr 27, 2013
this is so cheap
hzs11112 Apr 03, 2013
i had a chat yesterday and today with two different reps from tigerdirect.com. Each said that no extra charge/money for the subscription is needed. so i guess the price you pay for the hard drive is 104.99 + tax + shipping - 70. It was $48 for me.
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Uetian Apr 28, 2013
@hzs11112 That is really good info and thanks for posting it here. My track record for cancellation of such stuff is not good.I would stay away from it.
shashirao4u Apr 03, 2013
I just has a chat with TigerDirect sales rep and he says that there is $49.99 fee when you subscribe the software, however you can cancel it within a year and you will get it back, so after 2 refund all these hassle you get it for $34.99
arsiel Apr 03, 2013
@shashirao4u Thanks for the info. I was going to bite but I think unsubscribing is always a pain to remember.
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dealio23 Apr 27, 2013
@shashirao4u I agree. I might have gone for the deal, but I usually forget to cancel and end up not getting a good deal.
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chuckydealpl Apr 03, 2013
great deal for the drive. i guess you can always deactivate the subscription after the rebate
mnvikings11 Apr 02, 2013
Now this is a great find, but throw in the subscription & it's a OK deal.
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vimalr Apr 02, 2013
After rebate this is very good deal. Difficult to resist at this price.
blackfoot Apr 02, 2013
Fantastic price after rebate, Very nice.
backspace Apr 02, 2013
This is a hard to resist deal if you are looking for one.
littlexu Apr 02, 2013
Great price after rebate. Usually it would cost more than $50 for 1TB WD element. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
hugnkiss Apr 02, 2013
. NOTICE: A subscription must be activated at time of rebate redemption
themoneyman1113 Apr 02, 2013
Nice rebate. Price after rebate is exceptional, thanks for the post.
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 02, 2013
SMOKIN deal!...gotta love the rebate:)
hzs11112 Apr 02, 2013
is there extra charge for the activation that is required for the rebate ?
Dexterous Mar 27, 2013
Now this is a good deal on portable stuff, thanks for sharing.