Samsung 8GB Water & Shock Proof Class 6 MicroSDHC Memory Card With Jewel Case!

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What's the matter?
Brentheriot Jul 24, 2012
Since everyone is commenting on this about this being a "class 6 card" I had to grab one before the sale goes away in 10 mi
shopange08 Jul 24, 2012
Fantastic price for this memory card.. thanks for sharing!
mnvikings11 Jul 24, 2012
Totally awesome price, got 3 for all the family.
rd995 Jul 24, 2012
I missed this deal it was a steal for $2
shareadeal Jul 24, 2012
Deal is still on.. I just too one for me..

you can buy more then 1 item from same email ID.. all you have to do is.. order one and then log out.. then login again.. It worked for me :-) thanks for posting such a great deal..
deal Jul 24, 2012
Wow $2.. incredible.. just a year ago these were going for around $30... technology is moving at such a fast exponential rate.. simply amazing
zoneric Jul 24, 2012
what an excellent excellent price for 8GB. thanks for sharing.
ancagavs Jul 24, 2012
you need to sign up too se the deal. excellent price. excellent find.
masuka Jul 23, 2012
Very good price for this class 6 micro SD Card!
kumslee Jul 23, 2012
Thanks for sharing! I was waiting for this deal.
psplove Jul 23, 2012
Oh, It extended another day.
ab6281 Jul 23, 2012
sold out!
kevin1979 Jul 23, 2012
I bought this for $4 the last time around from 1saleaday, otherwise I'd get this too. I also bought a $10 keyboard from them last year and it wasn't exactly as described (had a weird French layout), so they gave me a refund without making me return the keyboard. Definitely recommend them.
krmills1 Jul 23, 2012
Great price for one of these!! I need to get a larger one for my phone, it was warning me that i was running out of space the other day.
shu123 Jul 23, 2012
do your e-shop belong to some other big and famous website/
wdjdac Jul 23, 2012
This seems like an outstanding deal, hard not to get this. :)
tpark6283 Jul 23, 2012
Wow!! That is too awesome to pass up! Thanks for sharing!
blackfoot Jul 23, 2012
Super deal, Picking up one right now! Thanks
psplove Jul 23, 2012
Great deal. First time see for this price plus free shipping.
themoneyman1113 Jul 23, 2012
Amazing deal, picking up 1. never let's me down. Thanks very much.
Hisgelt Jul 23, 2012
Interesting you can't find the deal if you go to the site only if you click this link
psplove Jul 23, 2012
Maybe this deal only for special members.
Hisgelt Jul 24, 2012
i bought 5 lol
hemalaa Jul 23, 2012
For $2 this is worth the risk. As long as it works :)
Dexterous Jul 23, 2012
Just bought one
Dexterous Jul 23, 2012
Wow awesome price
iowahawkeyes Jul 23, 2012
Great! You can't loose your info no matter what besides actually loosing the card... Hahaha
YesBoss Jul 23, 2012
very good deal 8gb micro card. thanks for sharing the post.