12-Pairs Men's Dress Socks 10-13 (Patterned or Black)

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barleybear Jan 02, 2013
make sure to let me know when there is an underwear deal like this
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bbattag Jan 02, 2013
Great price. Dress socks aren't cheap usually. Wonder how long these last and how the quality is
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EzzyLovesToSave Jan 02, 2013
How'd you know my hubby needs scok?:)....SUPER deal!
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glwrks Jan 02, 2013
I wasn't aware he was short on "scok", but I do know your washer & dryer are sock eaters;) ...you gotta watch for static cling, my son once found a pair of my underwear stuck in his clothes on return to college!
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dealio23 Jan 02, 2013
Great price on a dozen pairs of socks.. Nice find!
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vimalr Jan 02, 2013
12 pair of Designer socks for this price is awesome.
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chuckydealpl Jan 02, 2013
can't beat the price for 12 pairs
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arsiel Jan 01, 2013
Never heard of Millano but for this price, it's a steal. It's nice to see the cotton listed under the product features too.
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shimisi Jan 01, 2013
Very nice find! This is how socks should be priced everywhere :)
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poe601 Jan 01, 2013
12 pairs & free shipping makes a great deal dfor this price!
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themoneyman1113 Jan 01, 2013
Thanks for sharing, I am in need of new dress socks and would rather not pay outrageous prices.
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FibroMom Jan 01, 2013
Fantastic deal! I didn't realize how MUCH men's dress socks cost until I went to get some for my hubby's Christmas stocking! 12 pair for this low price... I'll take them! :)
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rockinnrolla Jan 01, 2013
Great price for all those socks! Thanks for sharing!
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glwrks Jan 01, 2013
You're welcome:) I may steal/borrow from hubby. Men's socks usually stay up better, and sometimes fit better on my size 9 foot;)
MdavidK30 Jan 01, 2013
12 pairs? Designer socks?
Looks real good! Great price for each!
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