Vibram FiveFingers Classic Smartwool

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What's the matter?
Ashley2011 Mar 01, 2011
Look weird! I'd better have a good pair of shoes for that price!
goodmanak Mar 01, 2011
My wife has these and loves them!
chickenadobo Mar 01, 2011
Great deal! I'm in for one! For those of you who aren't familiar with these types of shoes, here is a great review.
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shalom24 Feb 28, 2011
Great find! I own a pair of KSO's and I love them (owned for just over a year). And for those wondering, I were them year-round; which is saying something for being in Colorado. Regardless, if you haven't yet, this guy gives pretty good reviews:
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winniemiller Feb 28, 2011
That's cool.
dealfish Feb 28, 2011
ow,be a great deal?
toast Feb 28, 2011
For how much they usually go for, these are actually a much more reasonable price.

Are they actually good for your feet though? According to my podiatrist (foot doctor) who I visited just last week, you'll more than likely end up with stress fractures in your feet if you use these for running. He told me running barefoot on the beach for a couple of miles will do much more for your feet than these. Just sharing what I heard.
nthsll Feb 28, 2011
Done a little research on this. Your podiatrst is right. There seem to be a little higher incidence of stress fractures with these. Supporters of barefoot running claim that doing so strengthens the muscles in the ankle and feet that arch supports and cushioned shoes cause to atrophy (deteriorate due to disuse). They also say that barefoot running causes you to run less heel to toe and more on the balls of your feet the way we were designed to. with anything...there are supporters and opponents to barefoot running. Who's right? I dunno. Prolly like e'rythang else, doing each in moderation accomplishes more than either individually.

Helluva good price for what they normally cost. Which is the main reason I haven't given it a shot. I may now...
nagamasa Feb 28, 2011
Agree with nthsll, I'm actually a barefoot runner and use Vibrams when I'm in the cities (protects the feet from broken glass). The main point is that you have to take it SLOW when you first start. Every person that I've seen with stress fractures from barefoot running all have one thing in common: they do too much too fast. Work it up slowly, stopping/switching to your old shoes when your feet start hurting (be conservative on this, don't push yourself) and you'll be fine.

That being said, these ones have a wool upper and aren't really built for sports, but for walking around town, after-sports, etc. From what I've seen of these in stores, they won't hold up well if you use them for real sports.

As for everything bashing on the price. What type of shoes do people normally buy? Most shoes these days cost between $80-100 retail and they price them like this because that is what people are willing to pay for a similar class shoe. Think about the Nike Free which isn't fundamentally different than this and are you willing to pay $50 for those? Chances are yes.
nthsll Feb 28, 2011
Good call. My bef with the price is more becaus of my anatomy than the shoe itself. I have "fallen arches" from sports injuries, so I have to wear arch supports or I get excruciating heel pain...which some say barefoot running may help with. I also have bad ankles from the same injuries that make my ankles sound like I'm tearing apart an uncooked chicken just by rotating them. I can manage the pain with running shoes and arch supports. When I lack the supports is when the heel pain kicks my a$$. I've hesitated not because the cost of the shoe...I would pay that for a good quality running shoe. I hesitate because of the cost of the shoe AND that historically going without supports doesn't work for me. At 50 bucks I'm willing to give it a try. At 100...not so much if I have to crawl home from a mile away. lol.

Good to know about this model. The Nikes are always around that price?
nthsll Feb 28, 2011
Wow...sorry for all of the typos
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rjmaerz Feb 28, 2011
This is supposed to be a good deal? As if...
Killer_whale Feb 28, 2011
Why they are so expensive? Made of human skin or what??
manzilllla Feb 28, 2011
Made of Vibram rubber...which ain't cheap.
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bjwest Mar 01, 2011
Because it's a niche market and people are willing to pay for them.

@manzillla - do you really think Vibram rubber is THAT expensive? No, it's new, hip and "green" so people are willing to pay a premium for it.

Little Asian kids are throwing these together for the same $5 to $10 average cost per pair as the $20 Wal Mart or $200 Foot Locker shoe (both of which cost the about same to make).
Killer_whale Mar 01, 2011
Damn, yr answer is just what I waiting for, bjwest! You brought the world market in there, got an A!
wutthedealyo Feb 28, 2011
are those European sizes or what?
nthsll Feb 28, 2011
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