Best TV Deals of the Week | Top 5 HDTV, LED, 3D, 4K TV Roundup

Best TV Deals of the Week | Top 5 HDTV, LED, 3D, 4K TV Roundup
Looking for the best TV deals and sales? Here are the top 5 best TV deals of the week!

1.) Seiki 50" 120Hz 2160p 4K LED LCD HDTV for $649.99 @ Sears

2.) Vizio 70" 120Hz WiFi LED LCD Smart TV w/ HDTV Mount Kit for $1,398.00 @ Sam's Club

3.) LG 55" 1080p LED-Backlit LCD HDTV for $599.00 @ Walmart

4.) Seiki 65" 4K 120Hz 2160p LED LCD HDTV for $1,387.89 @ Amazon

5.) Vizio 70" 240Hz 1080p WiFi 3D LED LCD HDTV for $1,998.00 @ Amazon
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C0up0nsPlus Jan 13, 2014
definitely need to get one of these before this years superbowl!
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essis21 Jun 21, 2013
These are great prices for some awesome tv's
snypin04 Jun 06, 2013
42" Refurbished VIZIO with WIFI + WIFI APPS for $329.99 with FREE shipping:
mnvikings11 May 30, 2013
I saw a Vizio 55" 3-D smart TV for $750 today, might go back & buy it.
Dexterous May 30, 2013
This is good roundup for someone who is looking for tv
arsiel May 30, 2013
Added the price for The Samsung 60" TV from (#4 for this week) :x
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Subha83 May 24, 2013
Great TV deals round up.Thanks for sharing.
MrBklynW May 24, 2013
pretty good deal on the TCL...not too fond of their quality though.
deby32953 May 23, 2013
I wish I saw this before buying hubby a flat screen for his b-day yesterday!
RealPage16 May 23, 2013
These are great prices for some awesome tv's, good deal.
EzzyLovesToSave May 17, 2013
Gotta love this round-up!...thanks, guys:)
kevin07 May 17, 2013
good prices I just dont like the dell rebate process....
mnvikings11 May 17, 2013 has a lot of nice 50"-70" refurb's at great price reduction's.
At0micAmbER May 17, 2013
We need an extra TV and these are some good deals!
MrBklynW May 17, 2013
i am definitely liking that vizio set
erick99 May 16, 2013
My 42" plasma HDTV is finally starting to die though it has gone several years past the typical life.
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phoneguru9 May 10, 2013
cute stuff with fair prices.
xptrish May 09, 2013
50" $399,wow!
YesBoss May 09, 2013
Good Price For LG 55" 3D LED LCD HDTV + Soundbar + 4 3D Glasses for $799
dealio23 May 09, 2013
Seriously considering the Vizio.. Nice roundup!
ucrual May 04, 2013
that Samsung deserves every penny you spend on it :)
kevin07 May 09, 2013
@ucrual which Samsung? The one on the photo looks like a Samsung but no deals on any of them :)
naturaldeal May 03, 2013
Good to see tv prices going down
MrBklynW May 03, 2013
great price on the lg 55"
erick99 May 02, 2013
I appreciate the thought that goes into putting together a compilation like this and encourage more of them. It's nice to see a collection of deals.
aznballa161 May 02, 2013
great round up. some good prices on tvs here
DealLeader May 02, 2013
These are nice, but a list with smaller TVs would be nice too!
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ukaran Apr 19, 2013
Great TV Round Up. I need not go out for buying a TV. Simply I will get one Good TV by using this Sale. Nice find.
newguy Apr 18, 2013
Nice round up TV deals :)
YesBoss Apr 18, 2013
Samsung 55" 120Hz 1080p LED HDTV With $400 Dell Gift Card for $997.99
dealio23 Apr 11, 2013
I know a few people looking for new tvs. Passing this on, thanks
Dexterous Apr 11, 2013
3.) Vizio 55" 120Hz 1080p WiFi LCD HDTV for $649.99 @
MrBklynW Apr 05, 2013
pretty good on the vizio, even though its refurbished
blackfoot Apr 04, 2013
Nice round up, good choice of sizes and models.
Dexterous Apr 04, 2013
lg 60 inches is better option this time
backspace Apr 04, 2013
Price of TVs has dropped a lot since I bought last year..
YesBoss Apr 04, 2013
Samsung 50 INch LED TV With $250 GC Is Good Price .
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MrBklynW Mar 29, 2013
the 42" lg at walmart is a pretty good deal in my opinion. thanks!
backspace Mar 28, 2013
samsung is sold out @ tigerdirect
glwrks Mar 28, 2013
I could use one immediately! I can't make out the basketball scores on the old little portable we have!;)
Seriously, I like the deal on the 42" LG from walmart...anything bigger in the house would be overkill. Not enough distance from seating in the rooms we watch tv in.
littlexu Mar 22, 2013
Very nice round up. Thinking about getting LG 47 smart tv for my 46 samsung replacement. Thanks for sharing.
tpark6283 Mar 22, 2013
THe Apex looks like a good deal esp w/ a red card but I will have to look more into it :) Thanks!
abu5692 Mar 22, 2013
I think LG 47" LED HDTV for $489.88 @ best deal. Nice find.
zoneric Mar 22, 2013
nice round up for TVs. there are some good prices on the list.
mnvikings11 Mar 22, 2013
I'm not looking for a TV, but there are some good deals out there right now.
YesBoss Mar 21, 2013
I Will Go With LG 47" 1080p 120Hz Cinema 3D LED HDTV for $504.99
dddsss Mar 15, 2013
we need deals on smaller tv's
FibroMom Mar 14, 2013
Nice round-up of some Really Nicely priced TVs! Thanks you - I am shopping for a new one for my office. :)
Dexterous Mar 14, 2013
i think this is the first time i heard about apex tv, sounds interesting