HP Elite L2201 21.5" 16ms Widescreen LED Monitor

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What's the matter?
mikhaila Feb 10, 2013
amazing price for this monitor thanks for sharing this great deal
Dexterous Feb 10, 2013
nice price for the screen, nice find. I will pass this
additc Feb 10, 2013
Didn't realize this was an hp, now it's plusable
natarajansaktive Feb 10, 2013
I was thinking of buying one. This is the Right choice. Thanks for sharing.
chuckydealpl Feb 10, 2013
great price but it only works for displayport, and you may have to buy a sepreate mini-displayport
chuckydealpl Feb 10, 2013
mini-displayport connection
zoneric Feb 10, 2013
great price for a HP led monitor. great find.
psplove Feb 10, 2013
what's Display Port only means?
chuckydealpl Feb 10, 2013
Displayport is a another type of video connection like DVI and HDMI
MrBklynW Feb 09, 2013
great price, display port only but not a big deal.
kennyminot Feb 09, 2013
Keep in mind: this baby only has a single Displayport connection. Great for a potential Eyefinity setup but potentially problematic for people without gaming machines. If you don't have a Displayport connection, expect to add an additional $20-$30 for an active adapter (mine cost $15 through Amazon).
kennyminot Feb 10, 2013
Just a correction: apparently, it's basically impossible to use this if you don't have a Displayport connection your computer.
LoveSweet Feb 09, 2013
Excellent monitor for the cost. Super thin/sleek. tnx
newguy Feb 09, 2013
This is the best price out there for 21.5" monitor :)
blackfoot Feb 09, 2013
Big screen size for the money, nice find.
belarus94 Feb 09, 2013
Very good price. Thanks for sharing