Harry Potter - The Complete 8-Film Collection [Blu-ray] (2011)

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zoneric May 19, 2013
that's a very good price for the entire HP movie. nice!
Nvaldera May 19, 2013
Thats a great price drop for a DVD collection! Great find!
alecupope May 19, 2013
my nieces is a huge fan of Harry Potter. great price!
omegafemale May 19, 2013
i am a fan and i'm waiting the the extended version set to be available. a number of scenes make more sense when you see the small bits taken out. ;)
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seanvcxz May 19, 2013
This would be an awesome gift for someone who read the series are really likes the movies.
shopange08 May 18, 2013
My sister loves these movies. Great price for 8 blu-rays!
Dexterous May 18, 2013
have watched some of them and the ending season. awesome movie
Dealprince May 18, 2013
The case is still very durable, and allows all of the movies to be stored in a small amount of space.
blackfoot May 18, 2013
Nice collection, this was a very popular series.
zoneric May 19, 2013
@blackfoot very popular... and the author made LOTS AND LOTS of money :D
sly1960 May 18, 2013
WOW what a price drop.....thanks for sharing!
xrjohn May 18, 2013
good price, my son still loves these movies.
rd995 Apr 03, 2013
looks like price drop another dollar since updated $55.99 now. if you dont mind the dvd version bestbuy has it today 4/3/13 for $39.99
branie Mar 19, 2013
There are three cheaper options under more buying choices at time of this statement. Also with free shipping.
THartz606 Mar 19, 2013
@branie Went and corrected that. Thanks :)
dealwagger Mar 18, 2013
Not bad, I bet they would go down more before Christmas, of course then you'd have to wait. I remember when just a few Blu-Rays would be this much, lol.