Best of Discovery Collection Volume 5, 4 Disc Set

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Valued at over $75 (if purchased separately), this fifth edition of the Best of Discovery series includes 4 DVDs featuring four of Discovery Channel's recently acclaimed programs.

Deadliest Catch: Season 3
Forty-foot waves, freezing temperatures and a nearly 100-percent injury rate. Crab fishing off the Alaskan coast on the icy Bering Sea is one of the world's most dangerous jobs. But it's also one of the most lucrative, offering tens of thousands of dollars for a few days' work. Follow one group of ambitious men as they battle harsh conditions and intense competition in the frenzied search for an undersea jackpot.

Episodes include:

A Tragic Beginning
The Unforgiving Sea
Plus: Behind the Scenes of Deadliest Catch

Planet Earth: The Filmmaker's Story
Discover what it takes to make the ultimate portrait of our planet as we go behind the scenes of Planet Earth. Learn how filmmakers create powerful sequences that have never been filmed and scenes that capture the elemental wonder and drama of our world.

Man vs. Wild Season 2
Learn life-saving survival skills in some of the toughest, most treacherous environments on the Earth with a man no stranger to extremes, Bear Grylls. Drawing upon all his experiences as a soldier, mountaineer and seasoned adventurer, watch as Bear strands himself in popular wilderness destinations. Armed with a few supplies and the clothes on his back, see how he claws his way back to civilization while demonstrating survival techniques along the way.

Episodes include:

Andes Adventure
Ring of Fire

Unfolding Universe
Uncover clues about the origins of our galaxy with a team of astronomers and scientists as they strive to locate a strange presence hidden deep in the core of the galaxy. Learn how this mysterious realm harbors clues to the origin of the world and probes the future course of our galaxy and universe.
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dom2please (L2)
May 16, 2011
Looked good, but add $6.00 shipping

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