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Test drive a Chrome notebook – Google

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Click here for a more advanced application

(see site for details, terms and conditions)
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What's the matter?
wow_lance Dec 08, 2010
Hope I wld get one notebook. It would be fun to try it.
aacidusx Dec 08, 2010
whats with the referrer code in the link? i took that off.
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cmahasbosslady Dec 08, 2010
yes please!
henfquality Dec 08, 2010
By selecting "I agree", you agree that Google may use, adapt, translate, and copy your submission materials to advertise, publicize, and promote Google's business activities in present or future media. You agree that Google may incorporate its own audio, visual, musical, and other effects into such materials. You also agree that you own and have the right to authorize Google's activities as set out in this agreement and that you are aware of no other permission being needed to undertake these activities. In all cases, Google acquires no ownership right over your materials. You also agree that you shall not have the right to terminate or rescind this consent or to restrain the production, distribution, or advertising of your materials.
If selected as a Chrome OS Pilot Program participant, I authorize Google to collect anonymous browsing statistics and other usage data for tracking and analysis purposes as as outlined in the Google Privacy Policy, located at This data will not be associated with me, but will be tracked anonymously. Furthermore, I agree to participate in all product feedback studies conducted by the Google Chrome OS team for the duration of the Pilot Program and agree to be opted in to the Chrome OS feedback group. I understand that Google will only ship the device to a US-based address and cannot send this device to a P.O. Box or address outside of the US. I agree to not sell or transfer the device to anyone else, unless under written instruction from Google to do so. Replacement of broken devices is subject to Google's review and Google may elect not to replace a non-functioning or broken device, at Google's sole discretion. In the event that Google elects to replace a broken device, Google will cover all shipping and handling fees. Google reserves the right to contact you about Chrome OS or related Google products by email, phone, post, or in-person upon submitting this application. Please indicate your agreement to the above terms by clicking "I agree".
n0d0ubt Dec 08, 2010
Awesome! I hope I'll be pick :)
LesDuLunch Dec 08, 2010
Seems worth a try. We'll see what happens.
evosberg Dec 08, 2010
Nice find! Thanks!
whammo Dec 08, 2010
We'll see. I hope someone posts as soon as they hear something!
isbill Dec 08, 2010
This application will be open until 11:59:59 PM PST on December 21, 2010.
nadball Dec 07, 2010
i signed up... definitely worth a shot
sarasandy Dec 07, 2010
Yes, thanks! Love to be one of the few . . .
saintjerry520 Dec 07, 2010
Cool, wanna have a try.
TigerWalk Dec 07, 2010
did any of you read fine print at end the page - considering you have very little chance to get in this pilot test drive...

"By selecting "I agree", you agree that Google may use, adapt, translate, and copy your submission materials to advertise, publiciz...e"
gapotter Dec 07, 2010
Nope! You can't make me read the terms and conditions - they give me a headache!
nimrodboy3 Dec 07, 2010
yeah, i read the fine print..well..most of it..maybe..but i read the part you quoted..i'm okay with that.
JJMackJax Dec 08, 2010
You get to use and maybe keep a new product (new toy) that almost no one has ... for free ... or actually all they want you to do is smile into the camera while holding up their product, maybe a few words in praise of the product and you are complaining that they will use the material to sell more product when you know/knew that was the reason for the smiles and praise ... I hope you get chosen so you can endure the humiliation and pain while you smile (large smile, chin up) for the camera ... LOL! Nothing in life is free, you may not exchange money but you'll pay by favors, loyalty, labor and anything else you can think of ... Smile for me now {FLASH} Thanks Tiger!
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MidgieMonroe Dec 07, 2010
This would be really awesome. Thanks for the link.
rendraco Dec 07, 2010
Love this deal :) I did apply - "Thanks for applying for the Pilot program. If we have a device for you, we'll let you know as soon as possible"
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mrhappypantz Dec 07, 2010
Cool hope some of us get in.
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Jourdy288 Dec 07, 2010
Sweeeeeet! SO hoping I'm in.
belarus94 Dec 07, 2010
Interesting... Wonder how many lucky people will get it?
sparrow247 Dec 07, 2010
both links worked for me.. i filled out both of them
nimrodboy3 Dec 07, 2010
i did the same. i wasn't sure if it made a difference or not, but figured why not?
daveydz3 Dec 07, 2010
link is broken :/
nimrodboy3 Dec 07, 2010
both links seem to be working for me.
adamadanderson Dec 07, 2010
Always worth a shot. Doubt I'll be selected.
skaro964 Dec 07, 2010
Lets see what happens.
jamesjr55 Dec 07, 2010
Plussed going to give this a try
Acidbaby Dec 07, 2010
Worth a shot, thanks. One of the few "news" items that was actually worthwhile reading.
nimrodboy3 Dec 07, 2010
awesome! thanks.