Glee II Mid-Back Manager Chair, Black

3/23 - back again!
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What's the matter?
MrBklynW Mar 22, 2014
3/23 - back again!
AgentGhost Nov 22, 2013
great deal!
At0micAmbER May 19, 2013
I NEED this, my computer chair now hurts my back.
ilene285 May 18, 2013
Great chair and it looks really comfortable. Awesome price too.
psplove May 17, 2013
Extra $10 off with coupon code.
lotuslove19 Mar 31, 2013
Great price for this comfortable office chair,I need to buy couple of these.thanks for the post.
THartz606 Mar 27, 2013
We have one of these. We've had it for a while. It's a good chair. Thanks for the post.
ukaran Mar 26, 2013
Most comfortable chair for $39.99 only. Very useful and great deal.
mlinhart Mar 26, 2013
Opps. Missed the deal. It's up to $49 now but still a good price...
zoneric Mar 26, 2013
nice looking chair and very comfortable. a great price too.
alecupope Mar 26, 2013
must be so comfortable to have a chair like this. I use an old one. my back always hurts after spending one day in it.
zoneric Mar 26, 2013
@alecupope oh's awesomely comfortable. I used to have one of these chairs.
dvinegrace83 Mar 25, 2013
Looks exactly like one i got at walmart. Wondering what the price was when i bought it way back when. This seems pretty nice deal
hemalaa Mar 25, 2013
Nice looking back chair. Would be perfect one for my home office work
blackfoot Mar 25, 2013
Comfortable looking chair at a real good price.
MyPrecious Mar 25, 2013
this is a good price for a comfortable chair. i will get one for my desktop
Dexterous Mar 25, 2013
this is cheapest this week, nice
shimisi Mar 25, 2013
Great price. I personally prefer the high-back chairs but this is a steal for those who prefer mid-back.
abu5692 Mar 25, 2013
One of the best deal for the office. Nice find.
YesBoss Mar 25, 2013
Nice Find, This IS Very Good Price For Office Chair .
lilbigace360 Mar 25, 2013
I need to get a chair like this for my room. It would be perfect for me
backspace Mar 25, 2013
Great chair for my home office...looks comfy and sturdy even for my 200 lb body.
shopange08 Mar 25, 2013
Nice price drop at 50% off. Looks super comfy. Nice find!
seanvcxz Mar 25, 2013
That's crazy cheap for a leather roll chair. These are usually at least $99.
xrjohn Mar 25, 2013
My wife sat in one of these chairs at the store and said they are comfortable.
zoneric Mar 26, 2013
@xrjohn and didn't you buy one for her? maybe that was the point :D
xrjohn Mar 26, 2013
@xrjohn Well, we didn't have the money...
glwrks Mar 25, 2013
Great price - Reg: $79.99. It's Faux Leather and looks a lot more comfortable than my solid wood chair!
littlexu Mar 25, 2013
Great price for this comfortable office chair. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
chuckydealpl Mar 25, 2013
great price. my experience with these chairs is usually the leather seating tends to crackle and rip over time
alecupope Mar 26, 2013
@chuckydealpl yeah, but all of them tend to do that some point. they aren't built to last a lifetime.
zoneric Mar 26, 2013
@chuckydealpl if you take good care of them they can last for a few years.
chuckydealpl Mar 26, 2013
@chuckydealpl some last better than others, nothing you can do when they rip at the seams
LisaNtom08 Feb 12, 2013
Wow . This is a great price. I'm in need of a new computer chair! I'm going to give this one a look.