BIC Mechanical Pencils 24/pack (5mm/ 7mm/ 9mm)

You can see the price ($3) at final check out

BIC Mechanical Pencils with Assorted Metallic Barrels

•Strong lead reduces breakage
•Each pencil delivers the write-out equivalent to 2 1/2 wood case pencils

Choose from .5mm leads, .7mm leads or .9mm leads
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What's the matter?
AndyBCG Jan 16, 2012
Sold out online so I just went to the store and got the same deal!
mugsisme Jan 16, 2012
thanks, in for one.
dvinegrace83 Jan 15, 2012
wow, staples is crankin' em out today! EVERYBODY uses these. nice enough to do the job, but u won't bat an eyelash if u accidentally lose one!
jaweno Jan 15, 2012
Amazing deal, cheap price! Thanks
cicilia Jan 15, 2012
good pencils, memory of school days
zhn2011zhn Jan 15, 2012
Very good find,with cheap price!
zhn2011zhn Jan 15, 2012
supper cheap,nice find!
unikki420 Jan 15, 2012
I stop using pencils after college graduation, but this price is not bad for those in need of pencils...for math homework :)
helloamy1977 Jan 15, 2012
I needed to buy some but I never remember when Im in the store. This is perfect
austin38 Jan 15, 2012
Nice!!! Mechanical pencils are all I used in school!
arsiel Jan 15, 2012
Just ordered a set if .5 mm. I'm glad it was still in stock! I've been looking for a set of inexpensive mechanical pencils. Thanks!
Also, anyone know if they're #2 lead?
ilene285 Jan 15, 2012
Awesome price for 24 mechanical pencils.
branie Jan 15, 2012
24 pencils, nice find! I prefer mechanical pencils!!
nimase85 Jan 15, 2012
These would be perfect for class I seem to go through pencils like crazy...not because I actually use them but because i lose them...
MHT962 Jan 15, 2012
What lead size would you recommend for normal home usage? What about for a kid in school?
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shielals Jan 15, 2012
i like .5mm's :)
arsiel Jan 15, 2012
I like .5 mm's too but I tend to write small. For a kid in school, I'd probably recommend .7mm ones since this would decrease the chances of them breaking the lead too often when they write
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MHT962 Jan 15, 2012
Thanks, guys!
qdnguyen05 Jan 15, 2012
supper cheap ...thankss
poe601 Jan 15, 2012
Very good find, Thanks!
EzzyLovesToSave Jan 15, 2012
Just sent this to my daughter who's a h.s. counselor and told her to spread the word...SUPER price...thanks!!!:)
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newjerseychickxo Jan 15, 2012
Awesome price,Thanks for the find.:)
FibroMom Jan 15, 2012
Somewhere in my house there are at LEAST 100 Mechanical Pencils hiding - but for NOW - I NEED these - Thanks for the Awesome Deal! :)
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EzzyLovesToSave Jan 15, 2012
LOL!:)...same here!
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FibroMom Jan 15, 2012
If I ever find them - I fear they will take over a whole room! ;)
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grandma5 Jan 15, 2012
Seems like everyone borrows supplies around here. Great price for restocking. Thanks.