Mini Bladeless Fan (3 colors)

Available in colors: purple, green or pink

*Free Shipping for orders of $10 or more!
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What's the matter?
boricua1 Jul 25, 2012
is this really the price?? showed it to my daughter an she wants it
zhangyi424 Jul 25, 2012
I think it's a waste of money. they just have fans in the bottom and push the air through the circular slit. it can't be efficient. it must eat batteries and be very noisy to blow enough air. i guess it can only be used as a toy.
ReturninVideoTps Jul 25, 2012
These little bladless fans intrigue me. I know Dyson kind of "started" it, but how do they even work?
ktraub Jul 25, 2012
I have one of these and it IS noisy and blows very little air.
Don't waste your money.
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MrBklynW Jul 24, 2012
this is cute, it would be cool to have on the desk. thanks
chinagadgetland Jul 24, 2012
I think this mini bladeless fan is really helpful in this hot summer season. I love this little gadget.
additc Jul 24, 2012
do these work?
sweetangelxxo Jul 24, 2012
Love this!! These fans are so expensive in stores!
rockinnrolla Jul 24, 2012
What a good price for this fan! Would work great in my kids's room! :)
MdavidK30 Jul 24, 2012
Yeh, I was wondering why the mini is so cheap when the bigger ones are much more expensive... saw these at Best Buy- they're pretty cool.
arsiel Jul 24, 2012
Probably perfect for little kids' rooms. A lot better than the Dyson ones for the absurd amount of money :x
kuting Jul 24, 2012
surprised to see it here for 9.99, i got mine from ebay for less and they're the same design and from china.
shaezi Jul 25, 2012
how does it perform?
Dexterous Jul 24, 2012
in 10 bucks its fan without blade? nice find
stonekoldk Jul 24, 2012
It's sort of funny, this one is $10, and the dyson ones are like $300. I'm sure they work the same.
deal Jul 24, 2012
Yeah that is also what I was thinking about. How this could be $10 and the Dyson well over $300. I can't wait till they make bigger versions of this one for a more affordable price.
dvinegrace83 Jul 24, 2012
agreed! once you get the general idea of how it works, i think they all end up kind of being the same. i like how this is bladeless, esp since my kids are always all over my stuff.
s_m1978 Jul 24, 2012
Saw very similar product deal some days before....these are perfect with naughty kids at home.