Paper Mate InkJoy Ballpoint Pens (Assorted Colors, 8-Pack)

Get this 8-Pack Paper Mate InkJoy Ballpoint Pens (Assorted Colors) for only $2.00 at Amazon! Amazon offers free shipping on orders $35 or more.

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What's the matter?
rrjlhj Aug 20, 2015
srborges Nov 24, 2013
Thanks for the update
lotuslove19 May 23, 2013
I teach ,so this deal is great for me.thanks for the post.
xrjohn May 21, 2013
nice pens, great price on these.
Nvaldera May 20, 2013
Great deal for pens! Definitely need this for work! Thanks for posting!
themoneyman1113 May 20, 2013
Wow, good deal. Good find and post.
sorinlandiana May 20, 2013
I am interested in an offer like this because I use a lot of pens at work.
LokaFreeThings2 May 20, 2013
I'm always losing pens and looking for some lol Great price!
boricua1 May 20, 2013
this is a good price drop..picking up couple packs for my daughter to take to school
tooslick4retail May 20, 2013
so many colors, great deal and a great price to get me over the $25 hump for free shipping.
shimisi May 20, 2013
Great price for this pack. Nice to have the options of different colored ink.
mdgirl May 20, 2013
We can start our school shopping now.
rockinnrolla May 20, 2013
Nice price for a pack of pens. Thanks for sharing. :)
MrBklynW May 20, 2013
wow that is a great price drop. thanks
dealio23 May 20, 2013
I'm always losing my pens at work so I'm picking up a few of these sets, thanks
smidgeon May 19, 2013
Admittedly, I'm a pen junkie and I love using colored pens when writing personal notes and signing cards. Thanks for the great find!
iowahawkeyes May 19, 2013
Great deal. Stock up for the next school year! It's almost summer already and summer goes by soo quick.
blackfoot May 19, 2013
Nice set, lots of colors and a low price.
LisaNtom08 May 19, 2013
Perfect deal for great quality pens!
Durr21 May 19, 2013
Wow awesome price for a pack of pens great deal thanks
vimalr May 19, 2013
this is a great price for the 8 pack. also the colors would make it more appealing.
dvinegrace83 May 19, 2013
I would take advantage of these if I didn't already have 500 pens in my house! :P
YesBoss May 19, 2013
Good Price For Retractable Medium Point Ballpoint Pens .
littlexu May 19, 2013
Great price for these Retractable Medium Ballpoint Pens. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
Mawhen May 19, 2013
Great price! One can never have too many pens with grandkids around. :D
WideAnglePhoto May 19, 2013
Nice deal on these pens! I think I have enough in my saved items now that I can add these on and ship! :) Thanks!
hija_ellen May 19, 2013
ill be checking other stuffs at amazon and add this item to take advantage of the free shipping.
At0micAmbER May 14, 2013
Colored pens make work more fun. Definitely will be buying a pack at this price!
tpark6283 May 14, 2013
I have this strange need to use colored pens since high school, lol great price to keep them around!
erick99 May 12, 2013
At less than .40 each this is a great deal. These days Amazon seems to define anything under five bucks as an Add-On item so it's nice that this ships by itself with Prime.
poe601 May 12, 2013
Great price for the pack and filler item!
WideAnglePhoto May 12, 2013
perfect deal!! We'll want more than one pack at this price because my daughter loves these for drawing and I love them for my projects! Thanks!
rd995 May 12, 2013
this is a great order filler since it wont ship if you dont have $25 on cart its perfect for me that i dont have prime
praveensapkota May 12, 2013
not a prime member so have to pay high shipping :(
dealwagger May 12, 2013
@praveensapkota looks like it's an add-on item anyways. If I remember right you always have to be spending $25+ to get it to ship free? Hopefully Amazon will throw lots of awesome deals at us so we can add it on, lol :)
Jazmine_ilene May 12, 2013
Great price for this pack of pens. I might buy a few of these. Thanks
Nvaldera May 12, 2013
Nice! I need a new set of pens for work, these would do!