12mm Shell Pearl Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

Updated on 03/20/12 with a 50% price cut.
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What's the matter?
steward Mar 20, 2012
Great price drop, awesome deal!
savedeal Mar 20, 2012
psplove Mar 20, 2012
Only $5.00 with free shipping, great find. Thanks!
Dexterous Mar 20, 2012
catchersmom Mar 20, 2012
this is a great deal, Bought these for my older daughter
Mishumoshu Mar 20, 2012
That's a hi price drop from 49.99 to 5 dollars. Best deal today. great job
iwanderafar Mar 20, 2012
Just FYI. Realize that a "shell pearl" is not a real pearl. It is man made out of the shell. These can be pretty, too.
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Florida2Texas Mar 20, 2012
You are absolutely right and also a real pearl from an actual shell will never sell for $5 even if its on a super sale! :)
catchersmom Mar 20, 2012
my bad I am so sorry
Florida2Texas Mar 20, 2012
You are absolutely right Acarone!! Thanks, now I don't feel wrong updating this one vs the other one.
catchersmom Mar 20, 2012
I was going to send you a personal e-mail or IM but your info is not listed I am sorry about the confusion, I should know better then to try a sneak a peak at this site when I am at work again my apology for any confusion
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Florida2Texas Mar 20, 2012
Hey, no worries at all! At one glance, I thought It was the exact same deal too as my message above clearly states! Don't apologize, everyone is just doing their due diligence to be fair! :)
Acarone Mar 20, 2012
pretty sure those are two different websites, right?
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Florida2Texas Mar 20, 2012
When I tried to post this deal it bought it up as a duplicate to this deal so I just went ahead and updated this one! I guess it is a system glitch because it should have bought the other one up for me to update with a price drop :)