24 Pack: Colgate Total Advanced Gum Defense Anticavity Toothpaste Deal - Tanga

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What's the matter?
MrBklynW Apr 13, 2013
not too bad of a price, less then a buck each. nice find
Dealbreaker Apr 12, 2013
Garbage Deal. .75 oz tubes.
mikhaila Apr 12, 2013
wow this will last for about 2 years in my house!
Quasar Apr 12, 2013
WATCH OUT!!! People start read, check and think!!

This is 24 pack of TRAVEL SIZE .75 oz each

you will pay $20 bucks for 18 oz, 83 cents a piece of .75 oz tube

where is the deal??!

This is a JOKE !!!
LokaFreeThings2 Apr 12, 2013
Wow this is an awesome deal! I pay $3+ just for 1 tube so this is great!
Dexterous Apr 12, 2013
even if you keep brusing tooth 10 times a day its for a year shopping
coolguy9379 Apr 12, 2013
not good deal at all and definitely not worth to be on front page... they are travel sizes (.75 oz) for >83 cents a piece. You can find for that price or less anywhere.
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seanvcxz Apr 12, 2013
This is actually the toothpaste that we use. Looks like we'll never run out of it again!
poe601 Apr 12, 2013
Great offer to split with other friends or family.
TLWisner Apr 12, 2013
These are the tiny .75 ounce tubes. I see the large tubes of this on sale at Krogers around $1 quite frequently.
diamondg14 Apr 12, 2013
Generally toothpaste cleaning power is greatly reduced after about 6 months especially the whitening chemicals. I would not recommend buying this amount of toothpaste and storing it
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shimisi Apr 12, 2013
@diamondg14 That's interesting information.
That is a lot of toothpaste. We can hand them out as gifts!
branie Apr 12, 2013
@diamondg14 Ya, thanks for the tidbit, never really thought about that factor. Perhaps you could still buy it and hand them out throughout your family and or friends so they will be used within 6 months, I may consider that :)
arsiel Apr 12, 2013
@diamondg14 Interesting theory but I'd like to see the study for that. Googled it and came up with nothing :/
ukaran Apr 12, 2013
Very Great Offer for a good branded Tooth Paste. Nice find.
jackdaniels Apr 11, 2013
Each purchase is for twenty four .75 ounce tubes.
DailyDeals Apr 11, 2013
This is a pretty good deal; especially if the tube sizes are 6 oz or larger.
rd995 Apr 11, 2013
thats a lot of toothpaste and it does ship for free nice deal