Amazon Cloud Drive: 5GB of free online storage

Also upgrade to 20GB with just an album purchase. More Information at this link by just buying an MP3 from amazon...ENJOY !

Upgrade to 20GB for as low as 69 cents...Make sure to click the buy from the bottom of the page...Buy the album below --

Album Link
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What's the matter?
utch Mar 29, 2011
Bought an mp3 album for 8.00 and have been upgraded to 20 gig for 1 year
MiniSizeIt Mar 29, 2011
I bet the guys over at are NOT happy right now. Great deal Amazon, good move!
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manson_yy Mar 29, 2011
wow i love this deal XD
Ragnell Mar 29, 2011
Fantastic deal, thanks!
PreparedAmerica Mar 29, 2011
This is great but the paid service is OUTRAGEOUS I think i'll keep to the FREE version... Thanks for the tip!!!
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AmandaGT Mar 29, 2011
It sounds great, but do note that the terms of service give Amazon the right to "access and use" your files. Um, I'll stick to Dropbox...I'd prefer if other people didn't use my research and schoolwork, thanks.
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zewdigg Mar 29, 2011
they can USE our files? if that's true that's insane!

that's like the owner of a storage locker warning that he might play with your possessions while you're gone
robo05 Mar 29, 2011
Great find :) Thanks !
airlinesinc Mar 29, 2011
gonnagettaviper Mar 29, 2011
Wow. This ought to bring in some MM cash. ;-) Beat me to it.
ddilworth Mar 29, 2011
All this needs is an IPHONE APP!
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gonnagettaviper Mar 29, 2011
It'll likely only ever be in Cydia.
oogiya Mar 29, 2011
5GB is for free and you can access it from anywhere. Just say goodbye to your usb. Love it.
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robotsys Mar 29, 2011
Thanks , Great one . Sounds promising than Microsoft Live SkyDrive.
lavang21 Mar 28, 2011
owwoo.. It's free..thankss
xdatlam Mar 28, 2011
Thanks for the info.