AmazonWireless: Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone, Blue 16GB (AT&T)

requires 2-year contract
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What's the matter?
MrBklynW Apr 08, 2013
wow pretty good price drop
YesBoss Apr 07, 2013
Very Good Price, Let Me Forward To Friend Of Mine .
seanvcxz Apr 07, 2013
Great price for someone looking for a new cell phone. I hear galaxy's are great phones too.
FibroMom Apr 07, 2013
$499.99 without a contract... not worth the saving to EVER go back with AT&T again for me. :(
mikhaila Apr 07, 2013
This is a great deal, just too bad their contract plans suck.
glwrks Apr 07, 2013
Great price! AT&T coverage isn't good here, so can't speak on that, but looking forward to all the features our son explained - with nightly news apps (free) and netflix (cheap) to the TV:D
tc1uscg Apr 07, 2013
But it's on AT&T's network. Pass
littlexu Apr 07, 2013
Great samsung android phone. $10 with 2 years contract is good price. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
ukaran Apr 07, 2013
Low Price offer is Great for this Android Phone. Nice find.
keval76 Apr 07, 2013
Hope it will come down for non-contract so I can get for the wife.
branie Apr 07, 2013
WOW! My friend will finally get to upgrade, this is now very affordable and she is a AT&T customer..Calling her right now about this.
backspace Apr 06, 2013
I paid 49.99 for mine..I wish the price was 9.99 when I bought mine.
Dexterous Apr 06, 2013
Samsung galaxy 4 will be out after 15 days, so S3 on sale
rd995 Apr 06, 2013
9.99 thats a good deal that means the new one is coming out very soon and this one is not that far to be free with contract
abu5692 Apr 06, 2013
2 years contract, still good deal. thanks
Peppee Nov 25, 2012
Great price for this phone with 2 yrs contract...