Augason Farms 12-Day Emergency Food Pail

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tr1plication Feb 21, 2014
Back again 2/21/2014
Quasar Sep 20, 2013
good price for very good quality 12-Day Emergency Food

25-year shelf life sealed; pouch life up to 1 year after opening, so... it is no problem for single user...

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Quasar Sep 20, 2013
to: bbattag

that's absolutely your choice

You take your risks... and no chances... that's sad... no lol
additc Sep 19, 2012
this is pretty cheap, i got mine for 80 at costco
dvinegrace83 Sep 19, 2012
great for emergencies but im kinda scared of what they taste like..;/
erick99 Sep 18, 2012
I'd be very curious about how this food tastes and if it is good enough to tolerate for 12 days in a row. The price is really good.
Acidbaby Sep 19, 2012
Trust me, youll eat it if you need to. I live off ramen noodles and tuna while im away working in the middle of nowhere 3 weeks straight. The problem I have is that these kits is that if youre in a true emergency the only time these will be of value to you is if your going walking dead style and traveling halfway across your state and you need access to fresh water as well. Otherwise just keep a nice stock of canned foods in your home that you can use and replace over time.
bbattag Sep 18, 2012
lol Ill take my risks that the world is ending :)
krmills1 Sep 18, 2012
That was a pretty good price for 12 days worth of food!!
sammysuzy2012 Sep 18, 2012
Out of stock - currently was only allowing 2 each due to high demand.
encorez Sep 18, 2012
The world is going to end in a few why need
Dexterous Sep 18, 2012
good for the price, nice sharing
aznballa161 Sep 18, 2012
wow seems pretty good. might get this, just hope i don't eat it when it's not an emergency
akaricke Sep 18, 2012
Sounds like a good price for 2,000 calories a day. All vegetable dishes except the "chicken" soup?
ArtemisDeals Sep 18, 2012
I had no idea that walmart carried this! I see commercials for it all the time.
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branie Sep 18, 2012
12 day emergency supply and has a 25 year shelf life. Pretty neat and not a bad price.
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themoneyman1113 Sep 18, 2012
So we will stock and and skip regular grocery shopping, sound good? hahaha