Pet Collar for Dogs & Cats w/ 3-Modes Red LED Flashing Lights, Black

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deal Sep 10, 2012
Ha this is so cute. Great idea for pets! =]
Dexterous Sep 09, 2012
this is great idea for those who have pets
aznballa161 Sep 09, 2012
very cool, should be a great investment if you take your pets out at night
newjerseychickxo Sep 09, 2012
Great Idea. for this price I got to get one. Thanks ,nice find:)
ReturninVideoTps Sep 09, 2012
Nice! great if you walk your dog at night
bbattag Sep 09, 2012
This is nice. Hard to see my dog when I let him out at night
RayLakhan Sep 09, 2012
This a great collar if your dog spends a lot of time outside, it will be easy to spot him/her in the dark.
zoneric Sep 09, 2012
this is a nice pet collar. and it's a good gift idea too.
peter90 Sep 09, 2012
Cool find. Thank you.
Imia_bush Sep 08, 2012
The price is good. I saw it's 3.66USD at least for this on other shops!
blackfoot Sep 08, 2012
Nice dog collar especially for night walks and low visibility.
ArtemisDeals Sep 08, 2012
Very cool pet collars! These would come in handy for night time use :)
boricua1 Sep 08, 2012
I LOVE this product ..gonna pass this along..thanx
branie Sep 08, 2012
Before my dog passed away, I always wanted something like this so I could see him at night in the yard. I had no problem with him being out for a while, but I always worried he was going to have a seizure and being so dark I could not find him. Nice invention.
arsiel Sep 08, 2012
This would be great for dark dog walks as well. You need all the visibility you can get at night!
dvinegrace83 Sep 08, 2012
what a smart idea! this would've been useful considering the last two dogs we had in our fam were black...esp. they were hard to find in the PM hours!
poe601 Sep 08, 2012
Love this, I always buy something for my cousins dog for Christmas and I am grabbing this, awesome price!
grandma5 Sep 08, 2012
My sis has a small dog & lives in the country. This will be great to spot him after she lets him out at night. Thanks.
ancagavs Sep 09, 2012
true, that is an excellent idea.