20-Rolls Charmin Basic Bath Double Tissue

Shop Staples for this 20 Rolls Charmin Basic Bath Tissue Rolls originally $12.99 now only $6.99! Skip the shipping charge and select free in-store pickup.

Compare to Walmart.com for $15.80
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What's the matter?
YesBoss May 10, 2016
$1 Price Drop
Roses196 Mar 16, 2016
This would have been nice except that it's one ply. I don't like one-ply anything.
urbanaflora Sep 10, 2015
back again!
tr1plication Nov 05, 2014
Back again
srborges Jan 23, 2014
Showing out of stock for me?
Acarone Jan 19, 2014
deal is back, thanks for the update
psplove Apr 02, 2013
Currently Out of Stock.
mikhaila Apr 02, 2013
good price especially compared to the original price I love Charmin Ultra soft
leto17 Apr 02, 2013
Good deal but keep it mind that it is 1ply. We did the deal a while back but my wife wasn't too happy since it wasn't as soft as what we normally buy. It was still a good deal though.
deal Apr 02, 2013
Wow 20 rolls for only $7! That is awesome. Going to pick this up and stock up. Thank you.
Dexterous Apr 02, 2013
Subtotal Before Coupon(s)*: $9.99

how did u guys get $6?
branie Apr 02, 2013
I think I have a coupon as well, off 2 I believe. Good buy, thanks!!
ukaran Apr 02, 2013
Heavy Price reduction. Really a Profitable and useful deal.
naturaldeal Apr 02, 2013
Nice price, anyone has coupons?
shimisi Apr 02, 2013
Great price for one of the most basic household items ever. Free shipping for Staples Reward Members!
lauchremi Apr 02, 2013
Don't forget to use your coupon in-store. There have been several charmin coupons floating around lately. :)
naturaldeal Apr 02, 2013
@lauchremi Do you have coupons?
lauchremi Apr 02, 2013
@lauchremi Yes, I do. They were yesterdays paper even... In the P&G Insert. Surely, you can still get them online even.
lauchremi Apr 02, 2013
@lauchremi Not sure if you get one in your email or not, but you can get one mailed via their sweepstakes. I signed up, I'll let you know if I get one emailed. :) https://www.dealsplus.com/freebies/p_charmin-daily-baby-got-back-sweepstakes-facebook
poe601 Apr 02, 2013
Great deal for 20 rolls, awesome with free shipping for reward members!
ArtemisDeals Oct 08, 2012
Can never had to much TP :) You know its something you will always need/use
rd995 Oct 08, 2012
looks like a good price for 20 rolls im going to order 2 and stock up thanks
poe601 Oct 08, 2012
Nice deal with free shipping, 20 rolls is a lot for the price.
arsiel Oct 07, 2012
A ton of toilet paper for $10! Maybe it's time to stock up, especially with the free shipping :)