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Entertain your guests while they’re on the toilet with the Maze Toilet Tissue
Magazines? Newspapers? That’s not classy. If you need a way to wile away the time on the toilet while still keeping an edge of sophistication and whimsy about your bathroom then you need the Maze Toilet Tissue. This lovely role of backside cleansing paper has a maze emblazoned upon every sheet. The classic, thick black lines are reminiscent of Mayan symbology and the blocky stylings of ancient Tuscan architecture. It’ll go well with any old world theme you’ve got going on and it’s entertaining to boot.

Should you provide a pen next to your roll? Mmmm…maybe. You certainly don’t want people filling out the maze with just whatever they find laying around the bathroom. It’s also great to bring on trips. You can wipe your kids nose with it or give it to them as a fun activity. And if you need to wrap someone’s house why use just boring, stark white old toilet tissue? If you’re going to vandalize someone’s property then do it in style. Or be the most classy mummy at the Halloween party.
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