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What's the matter?
gunjan Feb 13, 2012
Nice deal. Yesterday only I bought 4 battery for 2 $ !! :( :((
redradishes Feb 13, 2012
Rechargeable batteries do not "save the earth". Unless you are using solar power to charge your batteries, the electricity still comes from power plants. Since all power plants are on the same grid, this means that your rechargeable batteries are resulting in CO2 emissions.

With that being said, awesome deal! I'm in for 2!
dave940 Feb 13, 2012
Debatable ideas like saving the earth and reducing CO2 emissions are not on my agenda. The obvious reduction of landfill waste and saving money are important to me, though. Rechargeables are the best way to accomplish this, followed by long life alkalines. It is a joke to label carbon zinc batteries as "long life", and buying them at this price is a false economy. You are paying $6.98 for 24 carbon zinc batteries. You can get alkalines this cheaply if you shop around, and in the long run you will save by using alkalines over carbon zinc.
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redradishes Feb 19, 2012
Agreed. I wasn't referencing your comment, however.
mrswoodward Feb 12, 2012
A lot of batteries for the price.
aznballa161 Feb 12, 2012
The quality is not as good but if you have a lot of things that require batteries then it is a good deal
dave940 Feb 12, 2012
Carbon zinc batteries like these should be phased out. They are generally a waste of money compared to either alkalines or rechargeables, and end up taking too much space in landfills.
blackfoot Feb 12, 2012
Not a bad deal. That's a lot of batteries.
branie Feb 12, 2012
Awesome deal, $7 for 24 batteries!
kumslee Feb 12, 2012
That's lot of batteries!
themoneyman1113 Feb 12, 2012
Many batteries for a cheap price! Nice deal.
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hyipfestival Feb 12, 2012
Nice deal, but I prefer my USB rechargeable battery, saving money and the earth.
msimulation Feb 12, 2012
Nice deal but I prefer my rechargeable eneloops.. saving money and the planet, one battery at a time ;)
wdjdac Feb 12, 2012
Seen it.
rtanner Feb 12, 2012
Very cheap for batteries nice find
iowahawkeyes Feb 11, 2012
Cheap for batteries
Florida2Texas Feb 11, 2012
That's a lot of battery for that price! Thanks