Birthday Giveaway (6 prizes in 6 days) Birthday Giveaway (6 prizes in 6 days)

About this Deal is turning 6! Thank you for all the support through all these years! To celebrate turning 6, we are having 6 fun and exciting 1-day only giveaway until Monday July 23.

Giveaway #1
(Congrats to Mallory McGrail to be the first one to answer all the logos correctly)
Answers: 1.) Target 2.) Timberland 3.) Macy's

Giveaway #2
Congrats to David Whang
The best caption: I don't always do work, but when I do, I try not to.

Runner up caption: 5 million monthly users, 15,000 stores, and 6 years later, and we still don't have a storage cabinet

Giveaway #3
Trivia Giveaway! Answer the question: "How many coupons have been posted on in the month of July so far (July 1 - July 17)?" Answer: 9019

Congrats to Johnson Sebastian who guessed 8478 (Difference of 541)
Runner up MrBklynW who was the second closes who guessed 9788 (Difference of 769)

Giveaway #4
Guess That Logo!
Answer: 1. Best Buy 2. AMC Theaters 3. Facebook 4. Newegg 5. 6. Walmart
Congrats to Curtis Lu for being the first one to guess all the logos correctly.

Giveaway #5
Caption Contest: TBA by the end of today (7/24)
Winning Caption: Half-off: Coupon or pick-up line? by Samantha Tillman

Giveaway #6
Guess the logo + comment giveaway
Congrats to happybunny87

Rules and details...
  • Each contest is a 1-day only contest from July 16th - July 23rd
  • The winners will be hand-picked at random by the team and announced on this deal post the following day.
  • US residents 18 or older only
  • All rules are subject to change at any time by the staff
  • See Official Giveaway Rules here
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Comments (11)

happybunny87 (L1)
Jul 30, 2012
thanks for the prize and happy birthday! :)
shimisi (L5)
Jul 25, 2012
This was fun. Thanks again. Looking forward to' next birthday! :)
nimrodboy3 (L5)
Jul 24, 2012
congrats happybunny87 =)
FibroMom (L5)
Jul 24, 2012
Congrats to ALL the Winners! Thank you DP for letting us help you celebrate your Birthday and giving US the presents! :)
feliziap (L1)
Jul 24, 2012
im sorry but that caption makes no sense and isn't funny at all.
mnvikings11 (L0)
Jul 24, 2012
I wish nothing but the best for this site, thanks.
Dexterous (L5)
Jul 23, 2012
ok where do i post the logos name and give away comment?
nimrodboy3 (L5)
Jul 23, 2012
good luck all
maven3 (L5)
Jul 23, 2012
Wow, giveaway #6 was easy compared to the others. Best of luck to everyone.
arsiel (L5)
Jul 23, 2012
I agree! The logo was A LOT easier to guess than the previous ones. Maybe they're just going easy on us since it's the last giveaway :x
nimase85 (L5)
Jul 23, 2012
I love all these awesome giveaways... Happy Birthday and thanks for being so awesome =)

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