Birthday Giveaway (6 prizes in 6 days) Birthday Giveaway (6 prizes in 6 days) is turning 6! Thank you for all the support through all these years! To celebrate turning 6, we are having 6 fun and exciting 1-day only giveaway until Monday July 23.

Giveaway #1
(Congrats to Mallory McGrail to be the first one to answer all the logos correctly)
Answers: 1.) Target 2.) Timberland 3.) Macy's

Giveaway #2
Congrats to David Whang
The best caption: I don't always do work, but when I do, I try not to.

Runner up caption: 5 million monthly users, 15,000 stores, and 6 years later, and we still don't have a storage cabinet

Giveaway #3
Trivia Giveaway! Answer the question: "How many coupons have been posted on in the month of July so far (July 1 - July 17)?" Answer: 9019

Congrats to Johnson Sebastian who guessed 8478 (Difference of 541)
Runner up MrBklynW who was the second closes who guessed 9788 (Difference of 769)

Giveaway #4
Guess That Logo!
Answer: 1. Best Buy 2. AMC Theaters 3. Facebook 4. Newegg 5. 6. Walmart
Congrats to Curtis Lu for being the first one to guess all the logos correctly.

Giveaway #5
Caption Contest: TBA by the end of today (7/24)
Winning Caption: Half-off: Coupon or pick-up line? by Samantha Tillman

Giveaway #6
Guess the logo + comment giveaway
Congrats to happybunny87

Rules and details...
  • Each contest is a 1-day only contest from July 16th - July 23rd
  • The winners will be hand-picked at random by the team and announced on this deal post the following day.
  • US residents 18 or older only
  • All rules are subject to change at any time by the staff
  • See Official Giveaway Rules here
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What's the matter?
happybunny87 Jul 30, 2012
thanks for the prize and happy birthday! :)
shimisi Jul 25, 2012
This was fun. Thanks again. Looking forward to' next birthday! :)
nimrodboy3 Jul 24, 2012
congrats happybunny87 =)
FibroMom Jul 24, 2012
Congrats to ALL the Winners! Thank you DP for letting us help you celebrate your Birthday and giving US the presents! :)
feliziap Jul 24, 2012
im sorry but that caption makes no sense and isn't funny at all.
mnvikings11 Jul 24, 2012
I wish nothing but the best for this site, thanks.
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Dexterous Jul 23, 2012
ok where do i post the logos name and give away comment?
nimrodboy3 Jul 23, 2012
good luck all
maven3 Jul 23, 2012
Wow, giveaway #6 was easy compared to the others. Best of luck to everyone.
arsiel Jul 23, 2012
I agree! The logo was A LOT easier to guess than the previous ones. Maybe they're just going easy on us since it's the last giveaway :x
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nimase85 Jul 23, 2012
I love all these awesome giveaways... Happy Birthday and thanks for being so awesome =)
hzs11112 Jul 23, 2012
Happy birthday dealsplus ... and thanks for all the amazing deals
Dexterous Jul 23, 2012
Awesome guessing, dprocks
preety Jul 23, 2012
Hope to win....
poe601 Jul 23, 2012
Happy 6th Birthday Dealsplus and many more!!!!
shopange08 Jul 23, 2012
Nice caption by David Whang.. LOL! Happy birthday again DP!
catchersmom Jul 23, 2012
Happy Birthday,I entered but the only way I win is if I am the only one entered lolololololol
feliziap Jul 23, 2012
whens the new deal coming up?
mnvikings11 Jul 21, 2012
Someday your going to be big deals site.
wannabecool Jul 21, 2012
It says the promotion goes until monday the 21st but today is the 21st ... so I am assuming it should be corrected to read the 23rd???
nthsll Jul 20, 2012
Ok, seriously? Have the mods been reading the comments on VS or kmills' Cheap Undies ads and decided to go with this?
shimisi Jul 20, 2012
If so, we can't really blame them, can we?
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nimrodboy3 Jul 20, 2012
Congrats Curtis Lu..that was a tough one :)
deal Jul 20, 2012
Happy Birthday! =]
vfxcgsdfw Jul 20, 2012
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newjerseychickxo Jul 19, 2012
Happy Birthday DP. Thank you for posting such a great Birthday surprise for us all.
deby32953 Jul 19, 2012
I couldn't guess the logos when there were only 3 of them!
mnvikings11 Jul 19, 2012
I wish u a happy 6th B-Day & many more.
maven3 Jul 19, 2012
Wow. Finally. That wasn't easy for some reason, though hindsight is always cruel.
rd995 Jul 19, 2012
if i didnt get the first one now 6 logos lol i wont even try good luck to everyone else
nimrodboy3 Jul 19, 2012
whoa..pretty rough today..good luck to those who attempt
arsiel Jul 19, 2012
Seriously! I thought I'd be pretty good since I've been playing the "Logos Quiz" available on iPhones but this is on a-whole-nother level!
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nimrodboy3 Jul 19, 2012
yeah..i was all pumped up to see them..then i saw them..then i was un-pumped :P
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shopange08 Jul 19, 2012
Thanks again for the chances to win stuff on your birthday DP!
Acidbaby Jul 19, 2012
got all but 2 and 3 :(
Tordawgg Jul 19, 2012
how did you get 6? haha i cant figure out 6 or 2
shimisi Jul 19, 2012
It says here that the Logo challenge prize is a $200 GC, but it says $100 on the FB page :)

Best of luck to all!
dealwagger Jul 19, 2012
Happy Birthday! --and many more :)
pravallika Jul 19, 2012
Happy birthday!!!!
Dexterous Jul 18, 2012
This webpage is not available
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

New link doesn't work???
Acidbaby Jul 19, 2012
You just won and ipad. No more winning for you! You cant diret link to the app pages you need to open it from facebook.
Dexterous Jul 19, 2012
What you mean by You just won and ipad. No more winning for you ???
Acidbaby Jul 19, 2012
You won the ipad giveaway. You might want to email a mod.
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MrBklynW Jul 19, 2012
Congrats! Lols you won and you didn't even know:P
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Dexterous Jul 19, 2012
Lol was out of town so couldnt check, I am back and knew. Thanks everyone.
dealsnappa Jul 18, 2012
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subject117 Jul 18, 2012
tpark6283 Jul 18, 2012
My guess, 10,000 coupons posted in July
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rojito Jul 18, 2012
16,221. I counted each one. HAHA!
mike13 Jul 18, 2012
316 coupons! just guessing
newguy Jul 18, 2012
1253 coupons and Happy Birthday, !!!! :)
shopange08 Jul 18, 2012
Happy birthday DP and thanks for all the great deals, everyone!
jacksam2010 Jul 18, 2012
happy birthday
MrBklynW Jul 18, 2012
Damn that was one hell of a tough question, i hope i got it right or close to it=D
FibroMom Jul 18, 2012
Nice round number ... I'll try 3600 :)
MrBklynW Jul 18, 2012
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gyngerale Jul 18, 2012
Q: How many coupons have been posted on in the month of July so far(July 1 - July 17):

A: 19
belarus94 Jul 18, 2012
I think between 1000 and 2000 coupons were posted on DP during July
shimisi Jul 18, 2012
What a curious trivia question! Good luck to everyone :)
themoneyman1113 Jul 18, 2012
Amount of coupons? That was a tough one! I submitted an answer. I totally guessed, maybe I guessed correct. Luck to all.
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Acidbaby Jul 18, 2012
Smart move not posting it here. I dont like the idea of posting them here as youre going to have people who just spam random numbers and this comment sections is going to be hundreds if not thousands of comments long.
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