Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway ($500 in Prizes!) Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway ($500 in Prizes!)
Easter is approaching and we can’t find the eggs! Help us on our Easter egg hunt. If you find it, you win big!

Multiple ways to enter! (FYI...The two giveaways below are two completely different giveaways!)

1) Giveaway #1:
  • A Mod will post a deal with a picture of an egg as the deal image
  • Follow the instructions on that post to enter to win a $250 Amazon gift card

Winner: user ashokb71!

2) Giveaway #2:
  • Create an account on (if you haven't already done so sign up NOW!)
  • Follow user dpBunny on (click the follow button on his profile)
  • dpBunny will post a coupon in a random coupon page sometime this week that includes instructions on how to win
  • You will need to complete ALL of the instructions on the coupon post to win.
  • (1st place gets a $125 Amazon gift card, 2nd place gets $75 Amazon gift card, anyone who enters after that will be entered in to win a $50 Amazon gift card)

***Here is a BIG hint for giveaway #2 ***

$125 - MrBklynW
$75 - ragingwookiee
$50 - Sundevil

    • The contest starts some time this week. (the winner will be announced here on April 11th 2012)
    • U.S. residents ONLY
    • Rules are subject to change at anytime by the team. (Official Contest Rules will be posted along with the contest instructions)
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What's the matter?
nimase85 Apr 13, 2012
Congratulations to everyone who won :)
Sundevil Apr 12, 2012
Thanks DP! After so many giveaways, I finally win one.
akaricke Apr 12, 2012
How did this guy win the $250? He didnt even change his picture or answer the Dell question. Things that make you go hummmmmmmmm
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Florida2Texas Apr 12, 2012
I could never figure out what giveaway #1 was! He entered the giveaway #1 which was different from the 2nd one where we had to change pic and answer the question.
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Acarone Apr 12, 2012
the two giveaways had two different sets of rules. you didn't have to change your avatar for giveaway number one. Here were the two giveaways:

The first one was posted here:

The second one here:
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Florida2Texas Apr 12, 2012
Now that you mention it Acarone, I do believe I entered the 1st giveaway as well....but just didn't remember since it was not as fun as the 2nd one :)....Thanks to all of you for making this so much fun!
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nimrodboy3 Apr 11, 2012
congrats to all the winners! this was fun. thanks team DP.
xxxpass Apr 09, 2012
hehe good want to win
newjerseychickxo Apr 09, 2012
Hope Im not to late:(
sweetangelxxo Apr 09, 2012
I missed it!! Darn
xptrish Apr 08, 2012
Fun,Thank you. Good Luck Everyone!
abu5692 Apr 08, 2012
It is fun and interesting. good luck everyone.
zuzu123 Apr 08, 2012
Good giveaway. I like it.
shimisi Apr 08, 2012
Can't wait for the 11th!
seanvcxz Apr 06, 2012
Umm I'll give this a try!
MzEva71 Apr 06, 2012
mnvikings11 Apr 05, 2012
Fun trying to find this sucker.
Dexterous Apr 05, 2012
I am feeling like BOND....JAMES BOND....
chemzee Apr 05, 2012
uhmmm...will come back tomorrow to check if dpBunny posted a coupon >.
akaricke Apr 04, 2012
Sweet. Happy Easter everyone.
tpark6283 Apr 04, 2012
I'm sure the odds are against me but I sure will give it a try, thanks!
psplove Apr 04, 2012
dpBunny is one of the Mod too?
MADAMEBOO1ST Apr 04, 2012
Kool bOO... kinda an Easter Treasure hunt
Dexterous Apr 03, 2012
Alert time....find out when the coupon will be posted. Its fun and its winning time
nimrodboy3 Apr 03, 2012
sounds fun =)
andytong Apr 03, 2012
It is looks so fun, egg?
catchersmom Apr 03, 2012
Great a game I can lose
zacharyzblewski Apr 07, 2012
I don't think anyone loses lol
jasoned Apr 07, 2012
Haha! I feel the same way. :)
jigsaw918 Apr 03, 2012
soo where is the passover rabbit?
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shimisi Apr 03, 2012
Good stuff.
Christine Apr 03, 2012
ooh what i fun idea! love easter egg hunts....esp when moola is involved =p though chocolate is great tooo ;)
FibroMom Apr 03, 2012
This looks like SO MUCH FUN! Haven't been on an Easter Egg Hunt in Forever! :)
FibroMom Apr 03, 2012
Forgot to ask - can we have a list of the MODS names so we can follow them for the 1st contest?
skaro964 Apr 03, 2012
This sounds fun. I hope I am a good enough stalker.
shaezi Apr 03, 2012
Dpbunny has zero reputation and we are (or will be eventually) following it! :)
branie Apr 03, 2012
Sounds fun and interesting. Thanks and good luck everyone!!!
Florida2Texas Apr 03, 2012
I love scavenger hunts and this looks like so much fun but I am swamped in work this week and will be missing this opportunity! Good Luck to everyone.
wannabecool Apr 03, 2012
Sounds awesome...
vimalr Apr 03, 2012
here I come for easter egg hunting.
belarus94 Apr 03, 2012
Oh, forgot to ask: So first of all we have to find that coupon post that includes the instructions. Then we have to follow instructions. Did I get this right?
TOTOOO Apr 03, 2012
Yes that's correct. fyi....these are two completely different giveaways.
belarus94 Apr 03, 2012
Cool. Hunting games are always fun (and time consuming too lol)
blackfoot Apr 03, 2012
Looks like a lot of fun with great prizes.
poe601 Apr 03, 2012
Going to be fun and great idea!
MrBklynW Apr 03, 2012
oh this going to look fun! awesome!
arsiel Apr 03, 2012
Oh my gosh, this is like a scavenger hunt online. Game on! :D
solowkoe Apr 03, 2012
Good deal! Thumbs up from me :) this really was a fun and good idea though. Happy easter every1!
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