Duracell 30 AA + 10 AAA Alkaline Batteries - 40 Total!

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What's the matter?
corockies17 Feb 03, 2013
great deal on batteries especially duracells.
seanvcxz Feb 02, 2013
Well, if I didn't have about 100 spare batteries right now I would seriously consider buying this deal.
alecupope Feb 02, 2013
wow, so many batteries. I guess I can find some uses for all of them.
ancagavs Feb 02, 2013
I've seen a lot of batteries deals on here. they seem to be very popular. but don't really know what someone can do with so mannt batteries at once.
dvinegrace83 Feb 02, 2013
do you have kids? We go through soooo many batteries because of all of their toys! man..
ancagavs Feb 03, 2013
no, I don't have kids yet. some day. but I can understand what you are saying :)
dvinegrace83 Feb 01, 2013
i go for rechargable, but still like to have these around in case of emergencies
ancagavs Feb 02, 2013
yeah me too. we have 2 sets of rechargeable batteries in the house, and they seem enough.
misukshoo Feb 01, 2013
Such a good deal!Got one!Thank you!
Dexterous Feb 01, 2013
a lot of batteries, good for the price
austin38 Feb 01, 2013
Great deal! I use batteries like no other..
themoneyman1113 Feb 01, 2013
These battery deals here are really hard to beat. When I go to say CVS and see the price for a 4 pack I smh, good post.
tpark6283 Feb 01, 2013
Wow, as always with a toddler you can never have enough :) Nice find
FibroMom Feb 01, 2013
We go through a TON of batteries in this household! NICE Price on this lot! Thanks for posting this handy deal. :)
mikhaila Feb 01, 2013
wow amazing deal!! Thanks for sharing.
DealLeader Feb 01, 2013
Very good price on batteries, especially free shipping.
Nellysg Feb 01, 2013
Great deal on batteries.. best deal I've seen!