Fake Turd Gag Gift

This 4" soft rubber fake poop is so realistic its scary. Just set it on someones toilet seat and watch them scream! The best gag gift you will ever buy!
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What's the matter?
additc Jul 25, 2012
lol! this is hilarious
audiocracy Apr 23, 2012
I'd buy 20 of these and just dump (puns intended) it all over the bathroom floor.
stonekoldk Apr 23, 2012
This would be so funny to put in a public bathroom of something, or a friends. Nice.
shimisi Apr 23, 2012
Gotta be careful who you give this to!
gangstabarbie Apr 23, 2012
What quality is the turd? Rubber? :)
heyimdennise Apr 23, 2012
lol this is too funny and disgusting
dealwagger Apr 23, 2012
I don't know if I dare to buy it and prank my boss, LOL! It looks a little too realist, ha!
erick99 Apr 23, 2012
I've actually seen this and it looks real until you get very close. Hopefully, your family and friends all have a great sense of humor :)