Fleece Blanket & Inflatable Neck Pillow Travel Kit w/ Zipper Bag

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dealio23 Feb 08, 2013
Taking a long ride across country in a couple months. This will be perfect to make it more comfy! Thanks
Durr21 Feb 07, 2013
these are grerat for long flights or car rides the price is great thanks
shimisi Feb 07, 2013
I could never, ever, ever sleep during flights. Maybe this set will help because I'd use it while knowing how little I paid for it?
mikhaila Feb 07, 2013
not bad at all for only $4.99
Peppee Feb 07, 2013
this is a really nice deal..
baldieee09 Feb 07, 2013
This is manufactured by American Airlines, so that's another plus. Reviews are great and this price is unbeatable! Nice find!
ukaran Feb 07, 2013
During Travel this Neck Pillow is very useful and makes you more comfortable. Good Deal
ancagavs Feb 07, 2013
a great price. I like it. good to have when traveling.
zoneric Feb 07, 2013
I like that the set is easy to handle. practical stuff.
MrBklynW Feb 07, 2013
This is a great price. awesome find
blackfoot Feb 06, 2013
Real good price for the whole set. good travel accessory.
iowahawkeyes Feb 06, 2013
Great small little thing to bring when traveling. Ink all the times i wish ihad a pillow on a plane.
zoneric Feb 07, 2013
yup, especially if you do a lot of traveling or if the travel takes many hours.
hemalaa Feb 06, 2013
very good usable accessory for travelling. Good price.
dvinegrace83 Feb 06, 2013
Nice and portable. I hate using those little pillows on the plane that everybody uses and reuses all the time =P
zoneric Feb 07, 2013
I never traveled by plane. but it's a good tip :)
dvinegrace83 Feb 07, 2013
wow really!? well fyi, they give out these little pillows which I suspect are used and reused, but just a new pillow case. i'm not sure, but the germaphobe in me doesn't wanna chance it!
Dexterous Feb 06, 2013
This is great price for the kits, nice find
rd995 Feb 06, 2013
better get this now if you are traveling because the airlines charge way to much for this thanks for sharing
chuckydealpl Feb 06, 2013
this is a must on long trips, buying this as a gift for my friend when we carpool
zoneric Feb 07, 2013
this is perfect for those long trips. makes the trip more comfortable.
poe601 Feb 06, 2013
Great deal with free shipping and easy to throw in your travel bag with case.
branie Feb 06, 2013
$5 is a price I would pay, no shipping is a plus. Thanks for sharing.
Mawhen Feb 06, 2013
This would be great to have on a plane or train! Even in a car! This price is great!
zoneric Feb 07, 2013
if you're not driving that is. I don't think you can use then :D
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dealwagger Feb 07, 2013
Hmm I think it depends on how you use it--definitely not reclining while driving lol :)