Two (2X) Movie Tickets for $1 (When You Watch Netflix Movies or TV Shows)

•Offer is for new Netflix subscribers only
•Instantly stream TV episodes & movies
•Watch what you want, when you want
•Watch anywhere with an Internet connection
•Includes 2 movie theater tickets once you’ve watched 3 movies or shows

Valid only for the Unlimited Streaming plan, which is valued at $7.99 a month plus applicable taxes. You will not be charged a Netflix membership fee during your one-month trial. Netflix will begin to bill your payment method for the Netflix service at the end of one month unless you cancel prior to the end of that period.

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Jun 19, 2012 - Aug 2, 2012
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What's the matter?
drewskidooo Jun 20, 2012
This is a great deal! Thank you for posting it.
shimisi Jun 20, 2012
Cool! Netflix pi$$ed off many of their subscribers not too long ago. Now they're finding ways to make it up to people. A good deal like this is just one example.
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samiamiamsam Jun 20, 2012
not a bad deal
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ReturninVideoTps Jun 20, 2012
Nice! Might as well sign up for this deal
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praveensapkota Jun 20, 2012
Good offer and we can take adv by cancelling the deal.
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tpark6283 Jun 20, 2012
Thats what stuck out to me! Thanks!
dvinegrace83 Jun 19, 2012
i watch netflix religiously, but too bad i've been a member for several years!
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tanea2000 Jun 19, 2012
Great deal but I hate how Netflix ignores their current, loyal subscribers. We get no coupons, no free months, nothing!! Might be time to cancel...
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Vinkoniggma Jun 19, 2012
Do it! Blockbuster is still around. They're the underdog that always gets overlooked.
shimisi Jun 20, 2012
They're working so hard to get back their subscribers who canceled that they're ending up ignoring their current subscribers.
poe601 Jun 19, 2012
Great deal gonna check this out, thanks!
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Christine Jun 19, 2012
ahh i get something for free if i watch a show...i can manage that =)
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gangstabarbie Jun 19, 2012
I don't use Netflix.. Their online streaming selection is very limited!
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Florida2Texas Jun 19, 2012
Nice deal but it seems like lot of people already have netflix even when they have the crappiest selection ever!
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blackfoot Jun 19, 2012
Nice deal for new subscribers to watch endless movies.
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ramana_forums Jun 19, 2012
This is great offer $1 for new Netflix subscribers only
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megk22 Jun 19, 2012
Can you get the deal if you cancel your Netflix trial before the 1 month period? Assuming you watch the 3 shows/movies they require?
arsiel Jun 19, 2012
Good question. Judging by the description, I think you can. Specifically,
After purchase, you have 45 days to activate your Netflix account, then your 30-day trial begins. During this trial you must watch 3 movies or shows in order to receive movie tickets. Once this occurs, voucher is considered fully redeemed. If account is not activated and shows not watched, an automatic refund for the purchase price of the offer will be issued. Refunds will be issued before September 11th, 2012. After watching your third movie or show, Hollywood Movie Money will send you a unique reward code for the movie certificate via email, to the email address used for your Netflix subscription. Please allow up to 5 weeks after you watch your third movie or show to receive your reward code. Each Hollywood Movie Money Certificate is valid for one admission, up to $13, to see any movie at any participating theater of your choice. To find participating theaters in your area, visit and enter promo code "Netflix".

Netflix isn't a terrible thing to actually be subscribed to though. $8/mo & pretty good content as well as speeds. Might prefer Hulu plus though but I digress!
rd995 Jun 19, 2012
nice find good if you are not a netflix subscriber and you are plaing to try it anyways
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YesBoss Jun 19, 2012
Good Find. Not a Bad Deal, Thanks For Sharing The Post.
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