FREE iPad 3 with a New Annual Subscription to Thinkstock Photos

1. Add an annual subscription to cart ($208/month)
2. Use code: "W7GPC46N" to get your FREE iPad 3

A year of images.
A lifetime of apps.
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What's the matter?
Batgirl77 Jul 14, 2012
No thanks - for that kind of price, I'll just go get a MacBook Pro!
mikhaila Jul 13, 2012
Not really sure how to feel about this deal?! :-/
mnvikings11 Jul 12, 2012
Wow $2500 for a new iPad? That's like going to QVC & paying $900 for a iPad 2 16GB WiFi, who can afford $210 a month for a picture service?
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Acidbaby Jul 13, 2012
Its submitted by mods so I am assuming there is some sort of kickback here.
Dexterous Jul 12, 2012
i cannot afford $200 a month, but can you cancel the subscription?
peter90 Jul 12, 2012
Love the new ipad!! great deal.
kevin1979 Jul 12, 2012
This is for people who would normally need a subscription to a service like this. I'm not sure what the complaints are for. It should be obvious.
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antgly Jul 12, 2012
What if you cancel after the first month?
zoe9576 Jul 12, 2012
I think they will let you pay one year fee, not just one month, if so, then you just get the ipad 3 for $208!
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crazypig Jul 12, 2012
Then $2496 for a ipad 3, cool. Thank you very much for the offer.
belarus94 Jul 12, 2012
If you can afford to pay over $200 a month for subscription....not front page worthy IMHO.
psplove Jul 12, 2012
Free ipad 3 is very good but plans as low as: $208 per month!