600,000 Registered dealspl.us Users Giveaway! ($600 in Prizes!)

600,000 Registered dealspl.us Users Giveaway! ($600 in Prizes!)
Thanks to all of your support over the years we've almost reached 600,000 registered www.dealsplus.com users! To say THANK YOU we're having a good old fashion giveaway!

Three ways to enter...

1) Leave a comment on this deal post for a shot at $100

2) Follow @dealsplus on Twitter and Retweet the following for a shot at $200:

3) The 600,000 registered www.dealsplus.com user will win $300! (Sign-Up Here, It's FREE)

The Winners...
Three prizes will be awarded. $100 will be awarded to a randomly picked user of www.dealsplus.com who comments on this deal post. $200 will be awarded to one lucky Twitter follower who Retweets the message above. And finally, the actual 600,000th person to register with www.dealsplus.com will be awarded $300!

Congrats to the winners below! You'll be contacted soon...

www.dealsplus.com winner ($100): Florida2Texas
Twitter winner ($200): @d_max
The 600,000th www.dealsplus.com user ($300): marqattacks

  • The contest will run from now until Wednesday 6/13/12 (winners will be announced on this www.dealsplus.com page and contacted on 6/14/12)
  • Residents of the US only
  • Users who create multiple accounts in an attempt to be the 600,000th user will not be eligible to win
  • Rules are subject to change at anytime by the www.dealsplus.com team
  • See Official Giveaway Rules
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What's the matter?
mamamia65 Jun 25, 2012
I hope you'll reach to 1 million registered www.dealsplus.com users real soon!!!! Thanks for the giveaway. I hope I'll win.
krafty9440 Jun 20, 2012
It's working.
bobbin52 Jun 19, 2012
Deals and Giveaways, Whoop!
krafty9440 Jun 18, 2012
I'm ready of a win.
bobbin52 Jun 18, 2012
I am ready for deal and a win.
krafty9440 Jun 17, 2012
Great Deals.
aproudmomof6 Jun 17, 2012
bobbin52 Jun 17, 2012
Thanks for the deals.
krafty9440 Jun 16, 2012
Time for a win.
bobbin52 Jun 16, 2012
Time for a win.
krafty9440 Jun 15, 2012
Deals, deals, deals.
bobbin52 Jun 15, 2012
I check your deals every day. Thanks.
krafty9440 Jun 14, 2012
Great deals here.
linda12345 Jun 14, 2012
Love www.dealsplus.com, the best website!!!!
vikingvessel Jun 14, 2012
Thanks for all the great deal savings and giveaways!
collectthecost Jun 14, 2012
Congratulations. That's a lot of users.
dittotweeto Jun 14, 2012
Awesome giveaway! 2 thumbs up for www.dealsplus.com
SweepsCat713 Jun 14, 2012
Been a twitter fan and member for a couple years, you guys rock!
merinatan Jun 13, 2012
Can't beleive that I must log on to Deal Plus everyday. Thank you Deal Plus for all the freebies!
qnoy2k Jun 13, 2012
Pick me, pick me! Without me it's not exactly 600,000 :D
anny31 Jun 13, 2012
wow congrats on so many users!
ive been a member for some time..congrats to the 600k person!
MCJunkie Jun 13, 2012
Super excited about everything and I've been tweeting @mcjunkie
mintaburst Jun 13, 2012
I love you guys!
nvmisfit Jun 13, 2012
You've let me know about lots of great deals and I'm thankful to you for that.Great giveaway too!
Mimberly15906 Jun 13, 2012
Awesome giveaway
PriscilaRC Jun 13, 2012
tpark6283 Jun 13, 2012
You are too kind, not only do you help us save $$$ but you also give free stuff away :) Thank you DP & mods!
princessmo2480 Jun 13, 2012
Thanks for all of samples that you guys have helped me score! :)
Insomniac_24_7 Jun 13, 2012
Thanks for having this amazing giveaway! I've also retweeted this on Twitter - Insomniac_24_7. :)
av53328 Jun 13, 2012
Cool! You guys do great work, not surprised you have 600,000 members
navedindia Jun 13, 2012
this is awesome!!!
Jourdy288 Jun 13, 2012
Thanks www.dealsplus.com, you guys are such a useful site!
rbober316 Jun 13, 2012
We could all use some free money! thanks www.dealsplus.com !
srideviurs Jun 13, 2012
its the big day. congrats to all the winners :)
cbstrick Jun 13, 2012
Wow! Another great contest deal! You keep things interesting!
grandma5 Jun 13, 2012
I'll bet the number of register users will continue to grow. www.dealsplus.com is the best site to save money!
krafty9440 Jun 13, 2012
Thanks for all the deals.
Phoenixx Jun 13, 2012
A great giveaway as always www.dealsplus.com. Thanks for the opportunity
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hemalaa Jun 13, 2012
Love dealplus...Hope i will win....All the best to all dealplus users...Thanks
shristi7 Jun 13, 2012
The best deal site
Jaymoon Jun 12, 2012
Awesome! and Congrats!
sachin_hbtik Jun 12, 2012
Congrates www.dealsplus.com for gr8 achievement and have a gr8 growth in future.
morenourl Jun 12, 2012
This site helps me to get good deals. Thank you
mnvikings11 Jun 12, 2012
Could use a extra $100 right about now.
arsenalfox Jun 12, 2012
Cool, but I never understood the idea of Giving something to someone at a Milestone, when they were never around to make that milestone. (example: 600,000 person to register gets $300) if it wasn't for the other 599,999 people that 600,000 person that never participated would not be someone just trying to get $300 and then not contribute to the community.

I am only using this as an example, tons of other sites do the same thing. Just my thoughts, but I would be curious to the percentage of winners on things like this actually stick around after winning.
erick99 Jun 12, 2012
I've got some serious medical bills mounting up for my son so hoping to win a few bucks :) Thanks for having the contest.
crash49 Jun 12, 2012
jentrista Jun 12, 2012
thanks www.dealsplus.com!
snoozbar Jun 12, 2012
Love the site and how you help us all. I check the deals every morning before I leave for work.
philandmichelle Jun 12, 2012
Before I buy anything I ALWAYS check on www.dealsplus.com I LOVE this site!!!