Glad Tall Drawstring Trash Bags (100-Count)

Staples is offering this Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags 13 Gallon, 100 Bags/Box, White originally $14.99 now only $9.99 ! Limited 3 per customer. Opt for free in-store pick up to avoid shipping fees.
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MicaWIT 16 days ago
Lonelysoul 16 days ago
eo757j 16 days ago
no292h 16 days ago
as975p 16 days ago
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ringangie May 16, 2016
Great deal!
cmanguerra Apr 09, 2014
Great offer, these are very useful
Acarone Nov 24, 2013
thanks for the update!
deal Apr 02, 2013
Ah this is an awesome price for a 100 pack of these garbage bags. I am in for 1. Thanks!
ilene285 Apr 01, 2013
Great price for trash bags.
backspace Apr 01, 2013
Its indeed a great find for 100 trash bags.
shimisi Apr 01, 2013
It's almost frightening how quickly we tend to go through garbage bags. Nice deal.
jasoned Apr 01, 2013

Us too! But we have 3 in diapers, so that has something to do with it. :)
shimisi Apr 02, 2013
@shimisi That would explain it very well then. Diapers can get quite... bulky. :p
keval76 Apr 01, 2013
$14.88 @ Sams Club. So, $9.99 is a great deal!
Equivalent @ Walmart = $18.70
GarthRanzz Apr 01, 2013
Great deal! About $5 cheaper than the 78 count box I bought at the store last time (which was more than the previous 80 count box).
branie Apr 01, 2013
These are inexpensive and great bags, very durable, good buy.
ancagavs Apr 01, 2013
great price for so many bags. this is a very good deal.
rockinnrolla Apr 01, 2013
WOW this is an awesome price for garbage bags!! Time to stock up. :)
ancagavs Apr 01, 2013
@rockinnrolla yup, same here. an excellent price for 100 pieces.
ukaran Apr 01, 2013
I think this is the most convenient Kitchen Bag at lowest price. Nice find.
MrBklynW Apr 01, 2013
great deal, glad to see it back again
nimase85 Mar 31, 2013
This seems like a pretty great price there are a few good deals at staples today... Thanks for sharing
blackfoot Mar 31, 2013
Great price for so many bags, durable bags.
Brentheriot Mar 31, 2013
I was just telling my husband I saw 100 bags for $13 @ Lowes. I'm glad I decided to glance at the deals before I left the house. Exact same box for $3 cheaper
Nellysg Mar 31, 2013
Wow that's an awesome deal! Definitely sharing!
erick99 Dec 25, 2012
Ten cents per bag is fantastic. These are about .25 per bag at Safeway.
Dexterous Dec 24, 2012
good price for these tashbags
tpark6283 Dec 24, 2012
Awesome price to stock up on these for next camping season
lilywow Dec 24, 2012
I am going to order one. It's a reallu amaziing price
shimisi Dec 24, 2012
The holidays use up the garbage bags quickly. Great price to re-stock at. Thanks!
dvinegrace83 Dec 24, 2012
great item to purchase cheap and stock up on!
ibdianem929 Dec 24, 2012
Always need these...especially at this great price! Thanks!
zoneric Dec 24, 2012
this is a great find. great price for 100. thanks for sharing.
arsiel Dec 24, 2012
Super price for 100. Anyone who's starting to run low should take advantage of this deal
zoneric Dec 24, 2012
for 100 pieces, it's an excellent price.
YesBoss Dec 24, 2012
Its Very good price For 100 Count Trash Bags.
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ArtemisDeals Dec 24, 2012
these work well :) and seems to be a very good price