Hear Now Talk & Train Pet Collar!

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What's the matter?
xrjohn Jan 30, 2013
I bet this would drive my Coonhound nuts. Hé'd probably try to get it off, but my other dogs I think would be excited to hear my voice.
helloamy1977 Jan 30, 2013
it is so funny when they are outside and you talk to them ..they look around with this puzzled look on their face...priceless
helloamy1977 Jan 30, 2013
These work great and heavy duty. I ordered them a few years back and they are going strong. It gives you a peace of mind for if your dog ever gets away. Also if you order 2 sets the walkie talkies will work with each other. I give them to my daughter when she goes and plays outside so we can communicate if we need one another.
arsiel Jan 30, 2013
That's pretty crazy! It'd be an awesome price if I got them as walkie talkies haha